What Are the Different Types of Audio Computer Software?

Angela Colley

Audio computer software changed the way consumers perceive music. With these computer programs, consumers went from simply listening to music, to having the ability to listen to, record, or manipulate music files. Different types of audio computer software include players that allow a consumer to listen to different types of music files, recorders that allow consumers to record music, editors that allow consumers to improve or change music files, and converters that allow consumers to change the file type of different music clips.

Audio computer software can allow someone to save music files onto his or her computer.
Audio computer software can allow someone to save music files onto his or her computer.

Music player software is the most common type of audio computer software. With a music player, the owner can play music files directly from a CD, play files stored on his or her computer, or stream music from a website. Many music players also allow the user to create a library of all of their music files within the player itself and to make different playlists using multiple albums.

Recorders have two main functions, including the ability to record from a CD and the ability to record from a voice recorder. The user can use the recording software to transfer his or her CD collection to computer files and store the files within the computer itself. The recording software can also work with a computer's voice recording software, so the user can record his own original music or record streaming music from other sources saving the music as a file on his or her computer.

Editors give the user the most control over his or her music collection, including both music files from other artists and music files of his or her original recordings. This type of auto computer software allows a user to edit different music files using different settings and filters. For example, the user can shorten the length of a file, mix two files together to create a new sound, or add sound effects to an original recording.

A converter is a type of audio computer software that allows the user to change the file type of different music files. Many portable music players only accept one or two file types, such as mp3 or mp4. With a converter, a user can change the file type of all of his music files to match the file type accepted by his portable music player. Some converters also include basic editing features, such as a sharpness filter that removes static or excess noise from the file during conversion.

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