What are the Different Types of Antique Bathroom Vanities?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers
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Woman shopping

One way to add an elegant, traditional look to a bathroom is to put an antique vanity in it. There are various kinds of antique bathroom vanities, most of which have either one or two sinks. Though the entire vanity may be made out of cherry, walnut, mahogany, oak, or distressed white woods, the top surface is often made out of either marble or granite. Clearly, there are a few decisions to make before buying a bathroom vanity.

Many large antique bathroom vanities come with two sinks, which makes them ideal for large bathrooms, such as those in master bedrooms. These usually also have lots of storage space under the sinks, as well as plenty of counter space on top. Antique bathroom vanities that feature a single sink are often best in guest bathrooms, as they can fit easily in small areas while still providing decent storage and counter space. Thus, this type of bathroom vanity can work decently as the sole piece of furniture in a bathroom, as it can store everything from toilet paper and paper towels to makeup and bath toys.

The material used for a bathroom vanity often ranges, as there are many popular wood choices, starting with cherry or walnut wood, which are both considered dark and elegant. On the other hand, some people prefer distressed wood in white, which offers an aged yet unique look to the vanity. Antique bathroom vanities that are particularly old may be made of oak, as this lighter type of wood was popular about three centuries ago. On the other hand, newer vanities are often made of mahogany, as this wood has become more popular over time. Some people cannot afford a vanity made out of any of these types of wood, in which case they may opt for wood veneer instead since it is cheaper, though it is also less durable than real wood.

The top surface of most antique bathroom vanities is either made of marble or granite, since both usually age quite well. While marble tends to vary more in color naturally, it is not usually as stain resistant as granite. Additionally, granite is known for being harder than marble, which means that it may last longer. Of course, both are quite durable, which is why they are both found on antique bathroom vanities. For this reason, the choice between the two surfaces usually comes down to personal preference.

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    • Woman shopping
      Woman shopping