How Do I Choose the Best Cultured Marble Vanity Tops?

Judith Smith Sullivan

Cultured marble vanity tops are an inexpensive and sturdy alternative for any type of counter surface. They come in a wide variety of sizes and colors. The best cultured marble vanity tops will be the correct size for your space, have properly fitted, pre-drilled plumbing holes, match the decor of the room, and fit your budget.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Before beginning your search for cultured marble vanity tops, measure the space. You should get an accurate measurement of the width and length of the space. Don't forget to leave 1 to 1.5 inches (2.5 to 3 cm) of overhang for any edge of the cabinet that is not against a wall or an appliance. If the cultured marble is for a bathroom or kitchen, you should also decide what shape of sink you want as well as the number of plumbing fixtures you need.

You should also take into consideration the surrounding decor. Cultured marble is available in many colors and finishes. Choose a color based on the decorative function of the counter top. If you want it to accent the room's decor, choose a contrasting color. If you want to emphasize another feature of the room, such as tile work or unique fixtures, choose a neutral color that blends in with the cabinetry.

With your measurements in hand and a idea of what color you need, start shopping for your cultured marble vanity top. Of course, you should try to get the best price available, but remember that sometimes a low price means that some feature or service has been eliminated. It is often worth the extra cost to find a company that will cut a vanity to the correct size and pre-drill the fixture holes. You can also look for other incentives, like free installation or a free integrated sink.

You should carefully inspect a cultured marble vanity top before purchasing one. Make sure that the pieces are solid. There should be no cracks, dents, scuffs, or marks on the surface. If possible, bring the fixture you plan to install and make sure that the pre-drilled holes are the correct size.

If you are having cultured marble vanity tops delivered, thoroughly check the tops when they arrive and after they are carried in. They should not be damaged in any way. If they are, you should send them back immediately and request an exchange or full refund.

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