What are the Different Types of Fitted Bathroom Furniture?

Angela Crout-Mitchell

There are several different types of fitted bathroom furniture available including vanities, wardrobes, and cabinets. Fitted furniture design allows the furniture to be mounted directly on the wall to provide security and permanent placement of the piece. Many people choose this type of furniture for the bathroom for a variety of reasons, including stability, unique design, and the wide assortment of choices offered by the manufacturers. Experts recommended hiring a professional contractor to do the installation unless the homeowner has the proper experience and tools necessary to complete the project. Fitted bathroom furniture must be placed carefully on or against the wall, and the installer must be sure the furniture piece is level before securing the furniture with the required hardware.

Shelving and storage units are especially popular types of fitted bedroom furniture.
Shelving and storage units are especially popular types of fitted bedroom furniture.

The most common type of a fitted bathroom unit is the vanity. These built in options are available in all sorts of materials, such as wood and cast metal, and may be stained or finished in variety of different colors to fit in with any chosen decor. In addition to furniture stability, anchoring a fitted vanity also provides protection for the plumbing pipes. Fitted vanities are available in many sizes and designs, from the simple cabinet style to large, ornate wardrobe style vanities.

A wardrobe may be used for storing clothing.
A wardrobe may be used for storing clothing.

Another popular type of fitted bathroom furniture option is the wardrobe or standing closet. These products are usually installed in bathrooms with little or no closet space. As the fitted wardrobes tend to be large and heavy, having them mounted to the wall helps ensure the furniture piece remains stationary and does not move, which may result in accidental injury or property damage. Like the other types of fitted furniture available for the bathroom, wardrobes are made from many different materials and are available in a multitude of styles.

Most people are familiar with wall mounted medicine cabinets and other cupboards. This type of fitted bathroom furniture may be designed to function as the bathroom mirror if one is attached to the front of the cabinet, and they are also made to be installed above a toilet or other fixture for easy accessibility and increase storage area. These cabinets or cupboards are most often fitted with a matching door. Wood is the most popular option for fitted cabinets and cupboards, but they can also be made from stainless steel and other metals. Similar to the fitted vanities and wardrobes, many people choose this type of fitted bathroom furniture for its stability and many design options.

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