What are the Different Portfolio Manager Jobs?

Justin Riche

Portfolio manager jobs vary to include many functions, and these will involve activities that focus on managing portfolios of a range of assets. These can belong to diverse asset classes such as equities, bonds, commodities, real estate, private equity and many more. The portfolio manager will usually make investment decisions for individuals and/or institutional clients, such as pension funds, endowments, corporations, charities and others. Oftentimes, the manager will specialize in one asset class, but he or she is usually required to adhere to the investment policy and the guidelines of the client or employer.

Portfolio managers are often employed by investment banks, commercial banks, and insurance companies.
Portfolio managers are often employed by investment banks, commercial banks, and insurance companies.

Commercial banks, investment banks, insurance companies and other such entities are the usual advertisers of portfolio manager jobs. These jobs can occupy different roles, such as a senior portfolio manager or assistant manager. In larger firms, senior portfolio manager positions can have titles such as the chief investment officer. The candidates for these roles will have different levels of skills, qualifications and experience. The skill set will mostly include strong numerical and analytical skills, thorough knowledge of financial markets, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, efficient teamwork or team leadership with the capacity to work independently and more.

A portfolio manager must have excellent teamwork skills.
A portfolio manager must have excellent teamwork skills.

Along with these skills, the portfolio manager job description will usually require an ideal candidate who has an undergraduate degree, preferably in disciplines such as finance, economics, business management and other similar or complementary fields. Candidates with master's or even doctorate degrees in the said disciplines are particularly sought after. The licensed Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) qualification also is greatly favored by firms or individuals seeking to employ a portfolio manager. To be able to study for the CFA qualification, an individual will normally be required to hold at least an undergraduate degree.

Portfolio manager work concerned with maintaining a basket of commodities will sometimes go to commodity trading advisors (CTAs). The CTAs specialize in trading commodities on the futures market, which can be a suitable vehicle for certain clients. Private equity portfolio manager jobs might involve many customized deals that involve dealing with people on a personal basis. This is because with these jobs, the manager might be responsible for acquiring entire businesses, restructuring them and even becoming involved in many hands-on activities of the acquired businesses.

These qualifications usually are a necessity for an individual to be considered for many portfolio manager jobs. This is because many hiring firms perceive having a strong academic record to be a desirable trait. Plus, it is believed that coming from academe will most likely ensure that the candidate has a strong knowledge of the financial system, many of the asset allocation theories, portfolio theories and models and other things that are vital to this business.

Furthermore, assistant portfolio manager jobs, for example, might require the candidate to perform duties such as analyzing investment prospects and reporting to the senior portfolio manager. The assistant might also be responsible for making a range of transactions, such as placing trade orders. Sometimes, the portfolio manager will assess all relevant information at hand before making an investment decision, There also is a specialized trader who executes orders as specified by the portfolio manager.

Moreover, there are equity portfolio manager jobs that mainly focus on stock investing and other activities regarding the evaluation and trading of stocks. The tasks involved in fixed income portfolio manager jobs are dedicated to asset classes that pay a fixed regular rate of interest, such as certain types of bonds. Both equity and bonds portfolio manager jobs usually require individuals who are knowledgeable security analysts. Moreover, portfolio manager careers can be very rewarding for people who are productive and dependable and who consistently deliver strong results. Also, one can start from an entry level, and depending on his or her personal drive and ambition, he or she can climb the ladder to success.

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