What are the Different Options for Corner Shelves?

B. Miller
B. Miller
Accurate measurements are necessary for the proper installation of shelving.
Accurate measurements are necessary for the proper installation of shelving.

Corner shelves can be a great way to make use of space that would otherwise be wasted, and they can add aesthetic appeal to a room as well. There are a number of different options for corner shelves regarding size, height, depth, and whether the shelves are freestanding or wall-mounted. A single, wall-mounted corner shelf can look nice, for example, but a corner hutch designed to fit perfectly in an angled space can add a lot more utilitarian value to a room. Keep in mind that it is relatively easy to build corner shelves to fit a certain space if it is not possible to find pre-made ones that will work.

Other options for corner shelves involve the materials that will be used to make the shelves. Wooden shelves are quite common, though "floating" glass shelves can look nice as well. Decorative metal shelves can give a room a more modern look, and wire shelves are great, inexpensive choices for mounting in closets. Some can even be cut and modified as needed to fit into a designated space, though this can be more difficult with corner shelves, which generally need to be fit to size the first time they are cut.

Corner shelves may be low, approximately the height of a short bookcase, or they may be taller to reach nearly to the ceiling. Whether short or tall corner shelving units are chosen is based on the size of the room as well as the amount of storage that one needs. A shelving unit that is too large can overwhelm a small room, but it can also help to balance a large room as well as add a great deal of storage. Some corner shelving units will have enclosed cabinets on the bottom to keep items out of sight, with open shelves on top to display collectibles or other decorative items.

If one is installing wall-mounted corner shelves, be sure to keep weight limits in mind, particularly with "floating" shelves that are not reinforced underneath with extra brackets. Glass shelves can be a great way to add extra aesthetic interest to a room, and can be a good choice for displaying plants or collectibles, but are not a good choice for heavier items like books. Corner shelves do not necessarily have to be very deep, either; they can still be functional or visually appealing just because they add extra visual interest to a room.

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I tried putting books on my corner wall shelves, but it didn't work out so well. It wasn't because they were heavy. The semi-circular design of the shelving just didn't lend itself to book storage.

I started trying to fan the books out from a center point, but it just looked strange, since none of my books were the same size. Also, I would run out of room before completing the semi-circle.

I had to give up that idea and use the corner shelves for storing spice bottles instead. These little round bottles fit on there just fine, and they even looked like they belonged there.


I have a baker's rack designed to fit into a corner, and I love the way it looks. It is made of black wire, so it has an open design. The top shelf is the smallest, and they get bigger as they go down.

Since it is a corner unit, it isn't as big as a regular baker's rack. I can't use it to store hot baked goods while they cool, but I can put a lot of my seasonal decorations on it.

I think that a baker's rack corner unit would look good in anyone's house. It really can't clash with anything, in my opinion.


@StarJo – I agree that bathroom corner shelves are a smart option for storage, but you have to be careful about which material you choose. The bathroom is the most humid place in the house, and some types of shelving can warp if exposed to constant moisture.

I had some cheap wooden corner shelves in my bathroom, and after a few months, they started to warp. The wood also got mildew on it, and it started to smell funny.

I removed them and replaced them with glass shelves. All I have to worry about with this material is keeping it dusted.


I think that one of the best places for corner shelves is in the bathroom. Many people need extra storage space there, and corner shelves can give them that without taking up much of the wall.

My bathroom really doesn't have any wall space available, anyway. I have a window in there, and that takes up about half of one wall, while the other wall has a large mirror running across it.

I have floating corner shelves for holding wash cloths and towels, as well as extra bottles of shampoo and shower gel. Since they are floating, I can use the floor space underneath them to store the toilet brush and trash can.

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    • Accurate measurements are necessary for the proper installation of shelving.
      By: DURIS Guillaume
      Accurate measurements are necessary for the proper installation of shelving.