What are Pull-Out Shelves?

Sherry Holetzky

Pull-out shelves, which are also referred to as sliding shelves or roll-out shelves, are exactly what they sound like. These shelves are made to easily slide in and out of a cabinet, a closet, or a pantry. Frequently made of wood or wire, and installed with sliding mounting brackets, pull-out shelves make hard to reach areas more accessible. They can also add value to the home.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

There are different types, sizes, styles, and configurations available, from basic sliding shelves and pull-out baskets to detailed kitchen and pantry organizers. Wooden pull-out shelves look much like wooden boxes. The ones with taller sides look more like drawers. They can be ordered in the homeowner’s choice of wood, such as birch, maple, or oak. Many can be stained or painted if desired.

Other styles of sliding shelves include wire baskets. Many shelves come complete with basic mounting brackets, often called sliders or glides, which are attached to the inside of the cabinet. There are a number of choices in standard sizes and can be ordered to fit existing cabinets perfectly, or pull-out shelves can be custom made. Custom sliders, including extra long or heavy duty designs, can be ordered as well.

To simplify installation of basic pull-out shelves in a cabinet or pantry with existing shelving, it is a good idea to set the units inside the cabinet, atop the mounting brackets. It’s good to check the cabinet or closet door also, to make sure it will close easily. If not, you can adjust the position. Then you can mark the position of the mounting brackets with a pencil. Next, remove the pull-out shelves, screw the brackets into place, and attach the shelves to the brackets once again.

Some pull-out shelves can be attached to the cabinet frame itself and do not require existing shelving for installation. Making sure the sliders are level is essential. Installing this style can be a bit trickier. Instructions should be followed precisely or a contractor can be hired to install this type of sliding shelf.

Pull-out shelves are a good option for saving space and organizing the home or office. They allow easy access to areas that might otherwise turn into wasted space, such as deep corner cabinets. Roll-out shelves are also great for low or high cabinets, where it would otherwise be difficult to reach items in the very back. Sliding shelves also work great in areas besides the kitchen, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, home offices, and closets.

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