How do I Choose the Best Corner Desk?

Mary Ellen Popolo
Mary Ellen Popolo
A corner desk doesn't necessarily have to be put in a corner.
A corner desk doesn't necessarily have to be put in a corner.

A corner desk fits into the corner of a room and helps to save space. In order to choose the best corner desk, several factors must be taken into consideration. Price, size, and function are all key considerations. Storage space, style, design and assembly requirements are secondary factors to think about.

There are two types of corner desks — a triangular shaped desk and an L-shaped desk. A triangular shaped corner desk fits directly into the corner, and has the basic shape of a triangle. An L-shaped desk consists of two rectangular pieces that come together to form an L-shape. Of the two, triangular desks are smaller and more compact making them a good choice for small areas or rooms with other furnishing such as bedrooms. An L-shaped desk is bigger, providing more storage and work space and is a good option when space isn't limited.

In order to ensure that a desk will fit in the designated corner, measure the area. For the depth of the desk, measure from the corner outwards as far as there is room for the desk to extend. Measurements from wall to wall at that point also need to be taken to determine the maximum width of the desk. If space is not an issue, measurements may not be needed.

Function is another factor when choosing a corner desk. Since some corner desks are small, they might not provide a large work area. If a large work surface is needed, choose a larger sized desk or a desk with a large flat top. If the desk needs to hold a computer, be sure that there is adequate space for the computer and all of it's components. If storage is needed chose a desk that has drawers or an attached file cabinet.

The price range for these desks is wide. Generally, solid wood desks cost more than wood-look desks. Larger desks are more expensive than smaller desks. If a desk comes fully assembled, it is probably going to cost more than one that requires assembly. When setting a budget, keep in mind shipping or delivery charges as well.

Desks can be made of solid wood or have a wood-look finish. For a more modern look, glass-topped desks are another option. Executive desks, computer desks, and work stations are a few of the styles of corner desk available. When choosing a style of desk, match the overall decor of the room or office it will be used in. If the room has other furnishings, choose a wood finish that matches the existing furniture.

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    • A corner desk doesn't necessarily have to be put in a corner.
      By: Stacy Barnett
      A corner desk doesn't necessarily have to be put in a corner.