What Are the Best Tips for Renting a Conversion Van?

P.M. Willers
P.M. Willers
Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Renting a conversion van can be a rewarding decision when planning a group road trip or camping trip, provided the renter knows what they want and what options exist. Features and amenities have improved greatly over the years, including storage, entertainment, and comfort options. A renter who is aware of what the available options should have no trouble renting one that suits his needs and desires.

Storage, entertainment, and comfort are three main categories of features prospective renters look for when renting a conversion van. Different vans should be compared and researched before renting. An important distinction can be made between high top vans and low top vans.

In a high top van, the factory roof has been removed and replaced by a taller roof designed to accommodate larger storage areas for holding luggage or camping gear. The raised roof area can also be used to house entertainment centers with televisions and DVD players. Renting a conversion van with a high top enables passengers to stand up and move about the van without having to bend over, which can provide great comfort on long journeys.

The typical conversion van seats seven, and has four captain’s chairs in the front half and room for three on a bench seat in the back half. Sometimes, the rear bench seat can fold down to become a bed. Renting a conversion van with this feature can provide a sleeping place for a couple of weary travelers, which is nearly inevitable during a long trip.

Window size and curtains are other important features to consider when renting a conversion van. On a road trip, everyone will feel much more comfortable if there is enough window space. Plentiful light and viewing can also provide a less cramped or stuffy atmosphere. During hours of the day when sunshine may be unwanted, good curtains can shut out the light to create a cool, dimly lit environment perfect for watching a movie.

It may also be helpful to get an online quote or estimate of rental price. When renting a conversion van, smaller rental agencies may actually be the best place to go. Most conversion vans are custom retrofitted either by the owner or by smaller companies, so it is easier for smaller van rental agencies to offer specialized conversion vans for those with specific needs.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip