What Are the Best Tips for House Plant Identification?

Esther Ejim

Many people have some form of house plant in their homes, some of which they do not necessarily know much about beyond the basics, such as the name or the fact that they look pretty or interesting. On the other hand, some people might need to identify their houseplants for various purposes like how to better care for the plant. They may also wish to learn how to manage pests or any type of disease that may be affecting the plant in a negative manner. Methods for house plant identification include seeking the opinion of someone who is knowledgeable or an expert in horticulture, looking for information on the Internet, or consulting the various text on the subject of house plant identification.

Indoor gardening and agricultural websites can offer information to help identify most house plants.
Indoor gardening and agricultural websites can offer information to help identify most house plants.

One tip for house plant identification is to consult with someone who has extensive knowledge regarding house plants, such as a trained botanist or other horticultural professional, as a means of gaining from his or her store of knowledge. The same may also be applied in the case of friends who may not be agricultural professionals, but who may have some knowledge regarding house plant identification that they may have gained through experience. Methods for house plant identification are not limited to the knowledge of others as the owner of the plant may also apply some initiative toward such a project.

One way in which an individual may identify a particular house plant is by consulting various Web sites that are dedicated to such plants. Examples of such Internet sources include the Web sites of various agricultural endeavors ranging from government-owned agricultural Web sites and other sources including the Web sites of university agricultural extension services. Such sites usually contain extensive information regarding different types of plants and the methods for their care. Even Web sites by individuals also contain a lot of information that can assist the owner of the house plant in the identification process, which can be done be comparing the plants at home with the various pictures of related plants on the sites until one is matched to the house plant. Another means of house plant identification is through the practice of consulting horticultural books, magazines or academic texts that deal with the topic since they often have pictures that the owner of the house plants can use as a basis for comparing the plants at home to the ones in the books.

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