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What Are the Best Tips for Fireplace Remodeling?

C. Daw
C. Daw

Fireplace remodeling is a task that will improve the look of the existing one, or will make a completely new design that blends in better with the rest of the house. Before even beginning this type of project, two tips need to be considered before starting the task. Have a budget figured out and stick to it, and choose the design and style that is wanted. After the task has been started, a few pointers can make the task much easier, and will help the finished fireplace look professional and that will last for numerous years.

The first step that needs to be taken when planning to accomplish a fireplace remodeling job is to set a budget, and stick to it. Once the amount that can be spent is figured out, analyze what will be needed and purchase it, staying within the given budget. Never go over it because the remodeling project could put a strain on the other areas of personal or business finances.

A fire burning in a fireplace.
A fire burning in a fireplace.

Go through fireplace books, window shop at local stores, and surf the Internet until the ideal fireplace is found. If a combination of styles is wanted, then take the time to make some detailed drawings before starting. It is much easier to take on a project when plans are on hand. A fireplace remodeling job is only as good as the design, so be sure that blueprints, or a few pictures, are available to follow.

Once the task has begun, make sure that all measurements are done correctly and accurately if the fireplace remodeling task involves re-tiling it. Measure all flat surfaces, angles, and factor in any cuts that will be needed. Once a square footage amount is figured out, add between five and ten tiles so that extra ones are on hand that match. This also applies if the bricks are going to be replaced, because it is important to have enough of the same stock of materials on hand to prevent the possibility of having different shades or textures within the new fireplace.

Painting the exterior bricks and surrounding areas is also a very popular way to accomplish a fireplace remodeling job. The first thing to keep in mind is to not be cheap when it comes to purchasing the correct paint. Good quality paint will not only save time, but will coat the bricks better and more uniformly. Also prepare the existing area before beginning any type of paint job, and be sure to remove any dust and debris before applying the new color.

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    • A fire burning in a fireplace.
      A fire burning in a fireplace.