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What Are the Best Tips for Choosing Laundry Room Colors?

S. Gonzales
S. Gonzales

The best tips for choosing laundry room colors revolve around one's preferences and personality. Although some people might be content to paint their laundry rooms in colors that match the rest of their homes' décors, others might want their laundry room to stand out. When choosing laundry room colors, one should try to select colors that best match his or her personality and the provide the desired effects for the room.

Laundry rooms don't have to dark and boring places. Homeowners often choose a standard, bright white color to paint the walls of their laundry room. That might be suitable choice for someone who doesn't really mind what his or her laundry room looks like, but for others, the color can become boring very quickly.

Laundry rooms may be painted blue to have a calming effect.
Laundry rooms may be painted blue to have a calming effect.

Someone who spends a lot of time at home or does more loads of laundry than the average person might want to spruce up a laundry room by adding a little color to the walls. The perfect laundry room colors can vary from person to person because of preferences. Before starting, one should know that there is no set way to decorate a laundry room, including painting its walls.

One's personality will likely factor into his or her choices for laundry room colors. For example, a person who loves the outdoors might opt for laundry room colors that remind one of the outdoors. Yellow and orange can be reminders of the sun, green can conjure up images of grass, and soft browns can make one think of trees. These warm colors can also instantly transform a laundry space into an inviting place in the home.

Someone who lives a high-stress life might want to try laundry room colors such as blue, gray and dark brown. These colors can have a calming effect. Some people might find themselves relaxing in their laundry room even while they're busy folding laundry, if they paint their laundry room in these colors.

Homeowners who desire simple, classic feels to their laundry rooms might paint walls white or in neutral colors. These colors are for the no-nonsense personality. They also can contribute to a feeling of cleanliness and order. They might even encourage organization and being level-headed while one is in the room.

Lighting can play a big role in how occupants perceive a laundry room and how they react to the colors in it. The effects that certain colors will have on people can depend on lighting. One should make sure that there is proper lighting, either from natural sources or artificial ones, to brighten up the room and give the colors life.

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    • Laundry rooms may be painted blue to have a calming effect.
      By: Unskinny Boppy
      Laundry rooms may be painted blue to have a calming effect.