What Are the Best Tips for Building a Backyard Fort?

Patti Kate

Before building a backyard fort, a thorough inspection of the backyard is recommended. Children need a secure and safe area for a fort. If a backyard tree fort is desired, the tree needs to be very sturdy, with no signs of loose branches. For building a fort on the ground, the area needs to be level. Finding a suitable play set plan is also essential, as it needs to suit the backyard dimensions and layout.

Wood from redwoods is durable and weather resistant.
Wood from redwoods is durable and weather resistant.

Costs for building materials should be considered as well, as constructing a backyard fort can be expensive. Scouting the local lumbar supply stores or home goods stores can provide solutions. If the backyard fort is for one small child, it does not need to be large or elaborate to be fun. If, however, there will be more than one child using the fort, a larger model should be considered.

Whether designing a tree house fort or ground fort, adults should be creative. Limited only be one's imagination, the possibilities are endless. Windows with curtains, and emblems or signs for the exterior can add a nice touch. Layouts and blueprints for a fun backyard fort can be downloaded over the Internet for free. Buying a backyard fort kit is another option.

Redwood is a good choice for the material of a backyard fort. This type of wood is used for outdoor furniture because it is durable. Redwood is also weather resistant, although a protective sealant should be used.

A two-level backyard fort requires a large and sturdy tree to secure the structure. If the yard does not contain a suitable tree, the fort will have to be one level. This is the best choice for pre-school aged children, as no climbing is necessary. A backyard fort that is built on the ground should be easier to construct, as there will be no ladders and platforms needed.

For those who do not have the ability to construct a fort themselves, hiring someone to assemble it for them is an option. All the necessary materials should be gathered beforehand and the backyard needs to be prepared. Preparing the area for the project is essential. Removing leaves and debris, as well as relocating lawn furniture or toys to another area of the yard is recommended.

For those who are skilled or willing to pay a contractor for a custom-built fort play set, a more elaborate design is another option. If hiring a professional to build the fort, one should ask several questions beforehand. Cost of materials and labor work should be the first thing considered. If the contractor is supplying building materials, it's important to inquire what materials are being used, such as natural wood.

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