What are the Best Sources of Personal Finance Help?

Geri Terzo

Personal finance can be challenging without the proper resources. There are, however, sources of personal finance help that can support the average person through his or her own financial obligations, goals and status. Some of these resources are available online, and there is still a more traditional resource available with the face-to-face support of a financial expert. There also are television programs devoted to helping people knock out debt in addition to book resources that outline plans for personal financial freedom.

A personal finance counselor can review data and provide financial advice.
A personal finance counselor can review data and provide financial advice.

Financial websites are among the best sources of personal finance help. These resources can provide free advice written by financial experts, or there could be a cost component to the service for a more tailored review of someone’s financial status. There are often tools available on these websites where certain criteria can be entered, such as salary, debt and savings.

Libraries might contain useful books on personal finance.
Libraries might contain useful books on personal finance.

Upon entering such personal information, one can see a snapshot of a realistic financial picture of his or her goals and the likelihood of attaining those expectations based on liabilities and income. By entering personal finance help into a major search engine, or by visiting one of the mainstream financial websites in a region, an individual can be directed to some of the more common websites or personal finance blogs that have tips for personal finance help. A blog might be especially useful for timely advice based on the current economy in a region, because they often are updated on a daily or weekly basis.

Education is another way of tapping into personal finance help. There are personal finance classes that are often offered in the evenings for people who work during the day. For instance, a local community college might offer an array of classes each semester, including education on personal finance.

Obtaining a personal finance counselor would result in a personal review of someone’s financial status, and this can be the most rewarding source of personal financial help. It also can be an expensive process and might be reserved for someone who, in addition to wanting to understand his or her finances, also might have money to invest in the financial markets. A wealth manager is a common name for a professional who provides this type of personal finance help.

Traditional books are another resource for personal finance help. There are authors who have dug themselves out of debt and thus have firsthand knowledge about what it takes to take control of one’s finances. Some of these authors are TV personalities who might have weekly shows, or they might be lesser-known and more difficult to find. Librarians at a local library might be able to assist one with locating titles that are pertinent to navigating finances.

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