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What are the Different Types of Boxing Workouts?

T. Davis
T. Davis

Boxing is a high-energy form of exercise that can be done in a gym, at a fitness center or at home. It provides a person with a good cardiovascular workout and tones the body at the same time. No formal training is needed to perform this exercise at a basic level. Each boxing exercise is normally straightforward and easy to do, even for a beginner. Some of the different types of boxing workouts are jumping rope, shadow boxing and punches.

Jumping rope is one of the common types of boxing workouts. In order to perform this exercise, a person will need to obtain a jump rope. There are different types of jumps that can be performed while a person is jumping rope such as a full twister jump and foot-cross jump. Each one of these jumps is done to help the person warm up and burn calories at the same time. Many people elect to purchase a weighted jump rope in order to burn more calories.

Jumping rope is a common boxing workout warm up that helps build stamina.
Jumping rope is a common boxing workout warm up that helps build stamina.

Another one of the types of boxing workouts is shadow boxing. A person can wear boxing gloves or weighted hand gloves while performing this exercise. While shadow boxing, the person pretends to be fighting an opponent. This exercise is often using by real boxers to warm up and get their muscles ready for a fight. By moving fast and doing basic punches, a person should be able to get a full cardio workout.

Sparring is an important component of boxing training.
Sparring is an important component of boxing training.

Punches are another one of the different types of boxing workouts. As with shadow boxing, a person can wear regular boxing gloves or weighted gloves. There are at least four different types of punches that can be done during this exercise: uppercuts, hooks, crosses and jabs. Each punch provides a good workout for the entire body because the person uses muscles in the arms, abdomen and legs. A boxing heavy bag is often used for equipment during this exercise.

One of the key things one must remember is to always do these boxing exercises correctly and safely. Beginners should start out slowly with some of the easier moves before moving up to advanced levels. In order to see some results from the workout, a person must be committed to the workout program and have good eating habits. It is recommended that beginners consult a physician before starting any type of exercise program.

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@Drentel - If you have concerns about too much stress being applied on your knees then you definitely want to think twice about any boxing workout program that includes jumping rope exercises.

Rope jumping is great for getting you in shape, but every time you jump you have to eventually land, and it is your knees that are absorbing a lot of the impact. The more you weigh, the more stress that will be placed on your joints.


@Drentel - I have never done a full boxing workout routine, but, like you, I think regularly completing boxing workouts would be a good way to get into great shape. All you have to do is look at boxers and you can see what a solid boxing fitness program has the potential to do for you.

As I said, I don't have experience with a complete boxing workout, but I have done a good bit of shadow boxing, and, as this article says, shadow boxing is great for helping you develop stamina so you aren't out of breath after a couple of minutes of exercise.

When I started shadow boxing, I thought I would be able to do this for 20 minutes with no break without breaking a sweat or getting winded. Boy, was I wrong. After about three minutes of dancing around and punching the air, I had to take a break to catch my breath.


I have been working out again after letting myself slip a bit over the years. I was an athlete when I was in high school and college, but somewhere along the way I let myself slip. I put on weight and my cardiovascular health was not good at all.

Now that I am getting back into shape, I am always looking for new and challenging ways to work out. I think a boxing workout routine would be good for me, but I worry that the exercises involved in this type of workout might be tough on my knees, which are in bad condition from years of playing various types of ball.

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    • Jumping rope is a common boxing workout warm up that helps build stamina.
      By: Igor Mojzes
      Jumping rope is a common boxing workout warm up that helps build stamina.
    • Sparring is an important component of boxing training.
      By: Jason Stitt
      Sparring is an important component of boxing training.