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What are Textured Tights?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

Textured tights are thick pantyhose that include an overall or partial variation in the weave of the material. Pantyhose and tights are one-piece stockings with a panty section. Tights are thicker than regular types of pantyhose — especially sheers, which are very thin and tend to tear easily. Most textured tights are thick enough to resist tearing and snagging, although they may tear if they get caught on something such as a zipper on an ankle length boot. The textured patterns on tights are often available in a wide range of styles and patterns that are suitable for many different occasions.

Vivid colors of textured tights, in ridged and striped patterns, include purple, blue, pink, green and many other shades. These tights are sometimes worn for fun weekend wear to "dress down" a neutral-colored wool skirt and colored sweater look. For a more classic weekday effect, tights with a ridged texture in a neutral color such as cream or grey can be worn with a similarly textured and colored sweater and a wool skirt.

Textured tights may be worn with cocktail dresses.
Textured tights may be worn with cocktail dresses.

Lengthwise striping, or vertical lines, on tights can lengthen the look of the legs. Some textured tights combine two different neutral colors in a woven texture that can look like tweed. For instance, Herringbone tweed textures in tights have rows of woven squares or v-shapes in color combinations such as tan with cream or gray and white.

The best type of ladies' tights for a sophisticated or sensual evening look are those that combine a sheer black stocking with a texture such as a lace pattern or ribbon-like, interwoven bands. These types of textured tights can add interest to a plain black cocktail dress. Tights with criss-crossing, satiny bands for texture often coordinate well with sandals with straps that are similar to the band design. Other types of fancier-textured tights include tiny jeweled sparkles or sequins in a striped or random pattern.

Textured tights are typically thick and patterned.
Textured tights are typically thick and patterned.

Textured tights look best when worn with shoes or shorter boots. Longer boots aren't the best choice because much of the pattern will be hidden and this may look odd. Although textured tights have patterns, patterned tight varieties don't necessarily include texture. Their designs may be printed on and feature smooth fabric with color and designs added.

The texture on some textured types of tights may be quite subtle, such as a tiny overall pattern of raised dots. Other tights may be bold in style and feature a bright color such as hot pink in an open lacework pattern over black or another neutral shade. Textured ladies' tights are available in sizes from extra small to plus size.

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Very useful article! It is always good to define all the different term for legwear so that there are no surprises when you are shopping!

I love textured tights because it can spice up any outfit. You can wear your standard little black dress and add a fun texture to make it a little bit more interesting. -Jani

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    • Textured tights may be worn with cocktail dresses.
      By: Maridav
      Textured tights may be worn with cocktail dresses.
    • Textured tights are typically thick and patterned.
      By: Varina Patel
      Textured tights are typically thick and patterned.