What are Some Spa Decor Ideas for my Bathroom?

Sheri Cyprus

Spa decor ideas for bathrooms can be very simple, but still add a great feeling of relaxation in the home. Even if you can't add a steam room or other exotic spa accents, you can still make even the tiniest bathroom feel more like a spa with quick and easy spa decor ideas. The main idea is to create the most relaxing and elegant oasis possible in whatever type of bathroom you have.

Hide the cluttering plastic bottles, jars, and products, which can ruin the spa-like serenity.
Hide the cluttering plastic bottles, jars, and products, which can ruin the spa-like serenity.

Start with fluffy white towels and robes. They are very spa-like and go with any color scheme. Get the thickest robes and towels you can afford. An attractive wooden rack with pegs to hang the robes would be a great touch, but you can also use the backs of doors in a small bathroom. A good absorbent bath mat is a must and if you have room, a basket full of rolled or folded white towels or face cloths is a nice touch.

Less clutter and some decorative touches like wall pictures can make a bathroom feel more like a spa.
Less clutter and some decorative touches like wall pictures can make a bathroom feel more like a spa.

A clutter of plastic bottles, jars and cleaning products can ruin any feelings of spa-like serenity. Re-think the under sink storage and pare it down to the basics. An inexpensive wooden shoe shelf may work for stacking rolls of toilet paper on. Discard the wrapping and keep only the rolls looking neat and on the ready. Keep cleaning products elsewhere or at least keep only what you need to clean the bathroom in a small caddy or basket.

Keep any overflow of shampoo bottles and the like under the sink in a basket or container and ban any type of store-packaged products showing anywhere in the bathroom. This may seem drastic, but it is actually one of the best spa decor ideas since products in attractive containers are a big part of the spa look and toothpaste tubes and the like just scream home bathroom. Once you find matching classy looking soap dispensers for liquid soaps, shampoos conditioners and lotions you can eliminate a lot of different colored, messy looking bottles as long as you put waterproof labels on the bottoms.

Be sure to have shelves to store the containers you choose neatly. Clear canisters of guest soaps and baskets of towels can look great with the containers on the shelves. Scented candles are also a perfect touch, but remember not to create any look of clutter or it won't look peaceful and spa-like. You could try a rectangular tray or dish of rocks and scented candles on the toilet tank. If you have room, woven rattan slippers and a teak bench are spa decor ideas that can add the finishing touch to a bathroom.

Fluffy towels can help create a spa-like atmosphere.
Fluffy towels can help create a spa-like atmosphere.

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Subway11- That sounds like a really soothing bathroom. I wanted to say that you should enhance your interior ideas by adding a few spa bedroom ideas.

In order to create a soothing bedroom environment; you should include white linens. The comforter or duvet should be completely white. The fabric should be as plush as possible and have a minimum thread count of 300 or higher.

The higher the thread counts the softer the material which will create a more comfortable environment. The same color scheme that was in the bathroom should be followed to the bedroom. The wall should be a light color, but not white as it would be to stark.


Another great way to achieve that spa feeling in your bathroom is to install heated floors. Heated floors can easily give you the impression of a spa and is usually found in many high-end homes.

If this is too costly,a great spa decorating idea can include several simple Asian prints on the wall. You can have a series of three framed prints that maybe display a single Chinese character in each frame.

In addition, if you paint the bathroom a light mint color or a bluish gray color and make sure the rest of the accents are white it will give you a more soothing Zen type spa d├ęcor feel.

You can also include a shelf with several white colored candles in a row. Lighting the candles while in the tub gives you a rich spa experience. These are a few spa bathroom ideas.

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