What Are Resin Figures?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

Resin figures are figures made from resin, a compound which hardens to a resilient, strong material with treatment. Natural or synthetic resins can be used to make the figures, and resin is a very popular molding and modeling material. There are numerous sources for the figures, and it is also possible to create them at home with resin casting materials, which are available at many crafts and hobby stores.

Resin figures can make an ideal addition to a model train set.
Resin figures can make an ideal addition to a model train set.

This compound has a number of advantages as a casting material which have made it popular for commercially produced castings as well as hobby castings. Resin takes dyes well, allowing people to make colored resin figures, and it can also be painted, varnished, or otherwise treated. Finished figures are durable and relatively lightweight, in contrast with figures cast in materials like ceramic.

Some companies make resin figures for decoration and ornamentation, with figures available in the form of tree ornaments, small statuettes to use as knick-knacks, and so forth. These finished products may be dyed and painted, and they can also be accessorized with clothing, inset paste or real jewelry, and so forth. In addition to mass producing such figures, companies can also make individualized or limited run resins statues which are intended for collectors.

It is also possible to purchase plain cast resin figures to use in crafts projects. Some people enjoy the process of handpainting and ornamenting, and these painted figures can be used as collectible figurines. People also use these figures as game pieces or tokens in games which involve staging of scenes or events, as for example in games with toy soldiers. These figures may come with kits which include resin safe paints and sealants, or people can purchase paints on their own.

For casting at home, people can often buy casting kits which include resin, materials for making molds, and so forth. People can use a variety of objects to create molds. Resin molding is often used in stage, film, and television to quickly produce props which will be easy to handle and will have a realistic look and feel once they are finished with painting and other treatments. People can also use resin casting kits to make costume jewelry, artwork, and so forth.

There are a number of possibilities with resin which can make it an exciting material to work with. For example, model railroad hobbyists can use resin figures to create staged scenes along their model train sets, while artists may use resin molds to create small scale prototypes of large sculpture projects.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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