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What Are Oversized Chairs?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Oversized chairs are upholstered and cushioned chairs that are larger than a standard chair or recliner, but not quite as large as a loveseat or sofa. These chairs are sometimes known as a chair and a half, and they are designed to be comfortable and spacious. They often come with a hassock or footrest as well, and this unit is generally upholstered and cushioned as well. Oversized chairs will take up more room in a living area than a normal chair or recliner, so anyone considering purchasing one will need to take accurate measurements of the room before purchasing.

The specific designs of oversized chairs can vary in much the same way that the designs of normal chairs will vary. The materials used for construction and upholstery can vary; upholstery can be cotton, synthetic materials, leather, and so on. The materials can have an impact on the appearance of the chair, as well as its durability and comfort. Oversized chairs are often overstuffed, which means the cushioning is often quite deep and soft. Some even come with matching throw pillows for even more comfort options.

Oversized chairs are designed to be spacious and comfortable.
Oversized chairs are designed to be spacious and comfortable.

Some models of oversized chairs are recliners as well. This means a mechanical unit can be activated by a hand lever or simply by pushing on the seat back that puts the chair in a reclining position. A foot rest will extend from the base of the chair, allowing a user to lie down fully when sitting in the chair, much like a regular reclining unit that is usually narrower and not overstuffed. The base of these chairs are often much wider than normal chairs, and they are usually hidden from view underneath a skirt.

The legs of oversized chairs may be made of wood and feature ornate carvings, or they may be made from other materials that are less ornate and even hidden from view. This depends entirely on the manufacturer's preferences as well as the overall design of the chair. Some oversized chairs even feature a folding mattress that can be extended out to accommodate a guest who needs a bed for the night. This bed will be narrower than those found on fold-out couches or loveseats, but it is usually wide enough to accommodate one fully grown adult comfortably. These chairs will be much heavier than other types of oversized chair models, though they are likely to be lighter than fold-out couches or loveseats.

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@heavanet- I agree with your post. I also do not think that oversized chairs are very comfortable. Though they are cozy to nap in, they are quite uncomfortable for doing anything else. For example, you feel like you are sinking in them if you are trying to work on your laptop or watch TV while sitting in them. Also, if you have any type of leg or back pain, oversized chairs do not have much support so they have the tendency to aggravate these types of issues.


It is important to follow the advice of this article and measure your room carefully before buying an oversized chair. This is true even if you have large rooms, because these chairs take up a lot of space. They also have the tendency to make rooms look smaller, so be prepared for this effect if you decide that you want to purchase oversized chairs and other types of oversized furniture.

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    • Oversized chairs are designed to be spacious and comfortable.
      By: Tatty
      Oversized chairs are designed to be spacious and comfortable.