What are Miniature Porcelain Dolls?

Lorna W.
Lorna W.
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Miniature porcelain dolls are small handcrafted dolls with porcelain heads, arms and legs and a cloth torso. Miniature porcelain dolls are commonly created as a complement to dollhouses or to be placed in shadow box displays. However, the dolls can also be enjoyed as works of art in their own right.

When making a miniature porcelain doll, you can start completely from scratch or purchase a kit. If you starting from scratch, you will need to begin with liquid porcelain and molds for the dolls' body parts. Items created from liquid porcelain must be kiln-fired, but for those who don't have a kiln available, there are also clays that air dry. Once you have created the basic body parts, you attach them to a cloth body. Adding wire to the upper portion of arms and legs will make your dolls more flexible. You can then use paint, hair and clothing to create your unique doll.

A kit will typically come with pre-cast body parts and material for sewing a torso. The body parts may be pre-painted, or you may be able to paint the base porcelain to your liking. Even if the body parts are pre-painted, there is still room for customization. You can then design and create your own clothing for the doll.

Whichever method you use to create your dolls, you should consider what accessories you can create or buy to enhance each doll. Do you want your latest female doll to be a grandmotherly seamstress or a young businesswoman? Accessories can do just as much as clothing to build the character of the doll.

If you want to use miniature porcelain dolls in your dollhouses, but don't feel crafty enough to make your own, or just want an extra special design, you can always purchase a doll from an artist who specializes in creating them. Look for local dollhouse shops or browse online.

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