What are Metal Door Frames?

Diane Goettel
Diane Goettel

Metal door frames are simply door frames that are made out of metal. Just like wooden door frames, metal door frames line the inside of a door frame and fit the exterior edges of a door or simply line a passageway. Some frames come as solid, pre-fabricated components, while others come in pieces. Other differences between metal door frames is the kind of metal that is used, the finish in the metal, and whether the frame has a notch for a lock.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

There are some metal door frames that have four sides: one on each side of the door, one at the top of the frame, and one at the floor level. There are others that have only three sides. These kind do not have a frame component at the floor level. The four-sided metal door frames are more common for doors that give access between an outdoor area and an indoor area and function to keep dirt and debris from outside blowing or being transferred into the interior space. The three-sided metal door frames are most commonly used in interior spaces where the floor is not supposed to be interrupted by a metal piece of a door frame.

In addition to metal door frames for exterior and interior doorways, there are also metal door frames for pet-sized doors. These always have four sides and are meant to be installed in a door that gives a pet access to the outdoors. These sorts of metal door frames usually come equipped with some kind of flap, which is often rubber, to keep other animals and debris out of the house. The size of the animal that will use this door will determine the size of the frame. Frames for large dogs, for example, are larger than frames for cats and small dogs.

Many home stores sell metal door frames as kits along with installation instructions. Properly installing a door frame does require some skill and the proper tools. Many people have carpenters or contractors take care of this kind of work. Others, with a bit of construction skill, install the frames themselves. Different finishes can be chosen to match the aesthetics of a room or interest. Also, some frames are made with a powder coating that can be used to give a door frame almost any desired color, which is useful for people who like to decorate with vibrant tones.

Diane Goettel
Diane Goettel

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@ocelot60- You can get a shower door with a metal frame without having to worry about it rusting. These type of frames are made with special metal materials, such as chrome, that do not rust when they get wet.

A metal frame also offers the added benefit of protecting the shower door glass.


I need to get a new shower door, and I'm wondering if I should choose one with a metal door frame. I think that this type of shower door looks nice, but I'm concerned about the metal rusting over time. Is this going to be a problem for me if I get a shower door with a metal door frame?

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