What Are Kosher Gift Baskets?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate
A kosher gift basket.
A kosher gift basket.

Kosher gift baskets contain various food items of kosher certification. These foods are compiled in a basket for gift-giving. Foods included in kosher gift baskets will meet kosher dietary laws, making them fit to be eaten by Jewish people who abide by the regulations. In a true kosher gift basket, the foods included will have been prepared using cooking utensils that are certified kosher. Non-kosher foods, such as animal products that have not been slaughtered or prepared according to kosher law, will not be included in the basket.

Kosher gift baskets may be found in specialty shops that sell gift baskets, or kosher food markets. Many shops that sell kosher groceries and gift baskets can also be found online. There are various events or occasions for giving kosher gift baskets, including a Bar Mitzvah, which takes place when a Jewish boy turns 13. A Bat Mitzvah is the occasion that marks a girl's 13th birthday.

Some kosher gift baskets are designed to be given for other purposes as well. Those who have lost a loved one may receive what is known as a shiva condolence gift basket. In the Jewish faith, when someone passes away, there is a traditional seven-day period of mourning. The word shiva refers to this mourning period.

Some food products typically included in a sympathy kosher gift basket may be fruit and nuts. A dried fruit and nut gift basket will be prepared under strict kosher supervision. Gift baskets containing kosher cakes and desserts are another common type of basket. These may include cookies or other sweets prepared under kosher certification.

One common dessert in a kosher gift basket is a sweet cake known as babka. This eastern European cake may be chocolate flavored or filled with pecans and walnuts. Cinnamon babka cakes are another type of dessert often featured in kosher gift baskets.

Kosher gift baskets often include chocolates. This may include a tray of dark chocolates or milk chocolates, or a mix of both. They are often made with sweet cream and butter, and, as all foods included in kosher gift baskets, will be prepared under kosher regulations.

A kosher seafood gift basket is a popular choice at holiday time or for birthdays. Some of the seafood in a kosher gift basket may include salmon, herring, and sardines. It may be packaged with crackers and cheese as well, all prepared under kosher certification.

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@talentryto- Thanks for the great gift idea! In addition to creating a kosher basket, you could create a nice gift basket for any occasion and with any type of special theme. It's also a great gift idea for people who are either hard to buy gift for, or who seem to already have everything.


I wanted to give a kosher gift basket to a friend for his birthday, but I couldn't find one in my area. However, it was easy to find all of his favorite, non-perishable kosher foods.

I bought a variety of kosher canned and jarred items, and a nice, large basket. It was easy to put all of the items in the basket and wrap the entire basket with cellophane. My friend loved it, and thought that the personal touch of putting it together myself was very meaningful. I recommend this idea for anyone who wants to give a nice, kosher gift but can't find kosher baskets in local stores.

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    • A kosher gift basket.
      A kosher gift basket.