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What are Inflatable Christmas Decorations?

S. Mithra
S. Mithra

Do you have that one house on your street that always wins the neighborhood prize for best yard scene on Christmas? They probably have a few inflatable Christmas decorations on their lawn, roof, or porch. These blow-up figures come in all sizes, characters, and traditional colors to dress up your house or business for the holiday season.

Inflatable Christmas decorations are highly visible, festive, novelty items that add excitement and fun to your office, holiday event, parade, or front yard. They are basically giant nylon or vinyl balloons. You can purchase them deflated in a carrying case, and then inflate them for seasonal use. Inflatables are a perfect choice for Christmas, since they can be snugly tucked away in a closet or garage until next December.

Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

An electrical pump accompanies new inflatable Christmas decorations. This pump is similar to one that inflates a mattress or pool raft. It is a strong fan with a nozzle that attaches to one or two valves on the decoration. In a few minutes, the pump will fill the inflatable Christmas decoration with ordinary air until it reaches its full size. The figure is attached to the ground with stakes and tie-downs.

You have probably seen many varieties of inflatable Christmas decorations as you did your holiday shopping or brought peanut brittle to your neighbors. There is Santa Claus waving, sitting atop a sleigh, popping out of an inflatable chimney, or holding Mrs. Claus' hand. A vignette could be created with a Nutcracker, Christmas tree, and a gift-laden train. Or you could position a snowman to watch the elves as they tie Rudolph and the other reindeer to the sleigh.

Inflatable Christmas decorations can crown any piece of your property, from the peak of your roof to your snowy driveway. They are made of heavy-duty material to withstand all kinds of weather, including sleet and frost. These temperature fluctuations may, over time, shrink the air inside the characters so they droop. A quick touch-up with the pump is all that's required to get them standing upright again.

Since they are designed to attract attention outdoors, these novelty items are usually quite large. A candy cane could reach up to 10 ft (3 m). A penguin and polar bear would dwarf the real creatures. Even inflatable Christmas decorations in the shape of your favorite cartoon character could tower above the trees. Best of all, they can be outfitted with small light bulbs, so they are just as merry at night as they are during the day.

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Discussion Comments


I have set up four blow up snowmen. One of them needs a new light bulb on the inside but I don't know what kind? can anyone help? Thanks.


SurfNturf- These inflatable lawn decorations for Christmas can also be used as yard inflatable decorations.

They usually run on a timer and are flat on the ground during the day and pop up later in the early evening. These inflatable’s can be quite large so if you have a small lawn, you might consider just one and use the others if you have more as inflatable yard decorations for Christmas instead.

Some of these inflatable’s can range from $75 to over $200 a piece. Which can be a lot for Christmas inflatables decorations.


Outdoor decorations especially the Christmas inflatable’s decoration really broaden the Christmas spirit. People take delight in driving around neighborhoods that have lighted outdoor Christmas decorations. Usually the newspaper will post the addresses of the best lighted Christmas decoration that also include inflatable outdoor Christmas decorations. Children especially enjoy looking at these decorations and it makes a neighborhood appear more festive.

Inflatable Christmas lawn decorations are not cheap, but if you add a piece every year after Christmas you can get a good buy on them and use the Christmas inflatable’s decorations next year.

I have a set of Disney themed Christmas inflatables that my children love.

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    • Woman with a flower
      Woman with a flower