What Are High Heels for Men?

Erin J. Hill
Erin J. Hill
High heels for men.
High heels for men.

High heels for men are high heeled shoes that are made in extended sizes so that they fit a man's foot. There have been cross dressing-themed retailers selling them for decades, but they have more recently become a fashion trend for some men who otherwise do not wear women's clothing. Although not extremely common, there is a large enough market that several websites specialize in selling high heels for men and other designer shoes normally associated with women.

The overall look of high heels for men is not much different than the versions made for women. Most of the difference lies in the sizing, since men's versions are often much wider than women's, and they come in much larger sizes. Several designers have begun making shoes for this trend, and they can be purchased online from specialty retailers. Some of these retailers are made to appeal to men who cross dress regularly, but others are made in more subdued styled to accommodate men who otherwise do not wear feminine clothing.

It is often assumed that all heels for men are designed specifically for the transgender population. This isn't always the case, however, as fashion moves more and more into unisex styles. Women's fashion often includes styles that are normally sold to men. This has included jeans, hats, shoes, and even suits. Just as women's fashion changed in the 1970s and 1980s with their power suits, men are becoming more in tuned with their softer side.

Despite the growing popularity of high heels for men, it is still not a huge trend, and most men wouldn't be caught wearing high heels. Others would just find them too uncomfortable, especially men who work in a job that requires a lot of walking, climbing, or coordination. Since most men aren't used to walking around in high heels, it would take a while for them to get used to the balance required to do so successfully.

Those who wish to find high heels for men can shop online at various retailers. There are also brick and mortar stores that offer women's clothing in extended sizes. Men may also be able to have shoes and other accessories custom made to fit their feet.

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Nice article. I am a straight guy who has been wearing women's heels (in public even) since 1995! It does seem that heels for guys is becoming more mainstream, but having said that, I still have not seen another guy in heels.

I am not a cross-dresser, either. I wear my heels (mostly sandals) as a guy. I keep the heel height to less than 3 inches. I just enjoy the look and fashion of a nice heeled sandal. I am not out to draw attention to myself.

The wife and friends are all OK with it as well. It is just something that I do in my daily life. I know it ain't for everyone. Even some gals don't wear heels. Smile. sf in SoCal


@Scrbblchick -- That's hilarious. I'd love to see that. Sounds like something every city should do every year to raise awareness.

If you watch the musical "Kinky Boots," there's a song called "The Sex is in the Heel," extolling the virtues of high heels for men -- specifically those who are drag queens. The song implies that drag queens in flat sandals are just not as sexy as the ones in really high heels.

In spite of the blurring of the lines between men's and women's fashion, I've never seen a guy wear high heels unless he was a cross-dresser.


We have a "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" fun walk for men to raise awareness for domestic violence every year in my town. Public officials walk a mile in high heels. It's really funny.

Men's high heels have to be sturdy, since men are generally heavier than women, so the organizers of the event buy shoes from these outlets that specialize in heels for men so they are in the correct sizes, and also are sturdy enough to hold the weight of whomever is walking. Some of these guys are big!

The funniest thing is they usually wear their regular business suits or whatever they usually wear to work with the heels. Frequently, they roll their trouser legs up so they won't trip. It's a hoot for a good cause.

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    • High heels for men.
      By: Nikolai Sorokin
      High heels for men.