What Are Furniture Coasters?

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B. Turner
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Furniture coasters are a form of cup or tray used at the base of furniture legs. They function similar to traditional drink coasters, and are designed to protect the floor from damage caused by contact with furniture. These coasters act as a buffer to prevent scratches on wood, tile or vinyl floors, and also help to reduce the risks of dents in carpet or laminate. In some regions, furniture coasters may also be known as caster cups or floor glides. Crutch-tip-style furniture caps, which fit snugly over the base of each leg, feature a slightly different design and appearance than other types of furniture coasters.

To use furniture coasters, moving crews or homeowners must first tilt each piece of furniture to lift one or more legs off the ground. A second crew member then slides one of the coasters beneath each leg before the furniture is lowered back down. This process must be repeated until coasters have been placed under all legs. The coasters may be left in place only while the furniture is moved, or left in place permanently, based on the needs of the homeowner.

Buyers can choose from many styles of furniture coasters. Glass units, which resemble a clear glass ashtray, are among the most common. Wooden units may be used in applications where they will be left in place for an extended period. When the furniture coasters will be used only during a move, users often choose simple plastic or composite discs.

When selecting furniture coasters, it's important to choose units that fit correctly. Each coaster should provide room for the entire furniture leg or rolling caster at the base of each piece of furniture. If the coasters will be left in place, buyers should also choose a finish that blends in with the surrounding d├ęcor. Coasters should be strong and durable enough to support the furniture they will be used to move. Buyers must also distinguish between coasters designed to make furniture easier to move and those designed to hold it in place and prevent it from slipping.

One of the primary advantages to using furniture coasters is that they make it easy for users to slide heavy objects across the floor. They also prevent scrapes and scratches on a floor during a move. When left in place over time, these coasters reduce the risk of dents in a floor, and help to maintain the floor's original appearance. Units with an anti-slip base can also be used to hold chairs and other furnishings in place and prevent them from slipping or skidding during use.

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    • Woman posing
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