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What are Faux Wooden Blinds?

Anna T.
Anna T.

Faux wooden blinds are blinds that are made to look like real wood but may not be made from pure wood. Blinds that are made to look like real wood might actually be made of vinyl or composite wood. Composite wood is a type of material that contains different types of hardwood all blended together as well as some plastic. There are several advantages and disadvantages associated with using faux wooden blinds inside a home or office. A person who is interested in purchasing this type of blinds can typically find them for sale at any store that specializes in window coverings as well as online.

One of the main advantages of using faux wooden blinds is price. Blinds that are made entirely of real wood are often expensive, and there are many people who might want the look of real wood but cannot afford it. Blinds that are made of faux wood are usually fairly inexpensive when compared to the price of real wood blinds. Faux wood blinds made of vinyl tend to be the cheapest, while those made of composite wood are slightly more expensive, but they should still usually cost less than blinds made from real wood.

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Woman posing

Faux wooden blinds might additionally be more durable than blinds made of real wood. Wooden blinds are vulnerable to things like surface scratches and humidity. Over time, changes in humidity could cause wood blinds to warp and change color, and scratches on real wood aren't always very easy to repair on wooden blinds. Faux wooden blinds are usually not affected by changes in air humidity, and they may not scratch up as easily. People with pets and children might prefer faux wooden blinds over wooden blinds because they can typically hold up to a lot of wear and tear.

In spite of all the advantages, there are some potential disadvantages to using faux wooden blinds. Even though the faux wood is made to look like real wood, it is often possible to tell the difference. Many people find that blinds made from faux wood are not quite as attractive as real wooden blinds because they may not look genuine. Blinds made of faux wood are also usually much heavier than real wooden blinds because plastic vinyl and composite wood tend to weigh more than real wood. Another thing a person should consider before choosing blinds made from faux wood is that, unlike real wooden blinds, faux wooden blinds cannot be restained, which means the color chosen is the color a person is stuck with until the blinds are replaced.

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      Woman posing