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What are Door Alarms?


The primary reason to install door alarms is for security. Door alarms protect your property and goods while also increasing the safety of you and your loved ones; they provide a warning that someone is making entry into your home or business.

When people think of door alarms, they generally think of two basic types: the automated security systems that are installed on homes and businesses to protect against burglary; and the more commonplace type of door alarm that uses a buzzer, beep or sound to notify a business owner that someone has entered or exited the premises. The variety of these types of door alarms is extremely broad-ranging from the highly sophisticated that requires professional installation, to simple plug-in models that are ready to use right out of the box.

The primary reason for installing a door alarm is security.
The primary reason for installing a door alarm is security.

Home door alarms: In their simplest form, doors and windows are fitted with magnetic contact strips along the door or window and the frame. When the contact is broken, an alarm sounds and the information is sent to the control panel. Some systems are designed to send that signal to a security company or to the local law enforcement; others are designed only to alert the homeowner-and frighten off intruders.

Business door alarms: Particularly in a small business, the owner or sales staff can't always be watching for someone to walk through the front door. By installing a door alarm, employees can go about their work and will be made aware when anyone enters. These door alarms can improve customer service--and cut down on the theft of inventory. Many door alarms sound off when merchandise tagged with special security devices passes through the threshold.

Advances through the years have brought about battery operated wireless door alarms that are easy to install. These newer door alarms are relatively inexpensive and reliable. You no longer have to hire an electrician to run the wires through the ceiling or walls. Hence, many people now install their own door alarms.

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    • The primary reason for installing a door alarm is security.
      By: Robert Hoetink
      The primary reason for installing a door alarm is security.