What are Different Types of Flowering Trees?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate
Cherry trees produce cherry blossoms.
Cherry trees produce cherry blossoms.

There are dozens of trees that produce flowers, including fruit trees such as plum, peach, and cherry trees. Each of these flowering trees is distinct and each is indigenous to a particular location. Some popular varieties of flowering trees include ornamental trees, dwarf trees, and flowering shrubs, such as the honeysuckle. Some landscape trees produce flowers and are popular as accent scenery.

Flowering trees include peach trees.
Flowering trees include peach trees.

Magnolia flowering trees generally produce vibrant violet-blue flowers. This type of flowering tree is found typically in the southern United States. The Ann magnolia tree has purple flowers that bloom in late spring. This is an adaptable type of flowering tree that will thrive in moderate to full sunlight.

The black cherry tree can be found on the east coast of the United States, as well as in some areas of Mexico and Central America. Mostly seen in wooded areas and near rivers and streams, the black cherry tree is a very tall tree. It will sprout white flowers with a distinctive fragrance, typically in warm months.

Dozens of tree species produce flowers.
Dozens of tree species produce flowers.

Dogwood flowering trees come in several variations. One such variety is the Cherokee princess white flowering dogwood. As the name suggests, this tree displays a brilliant array of snow-white flowering blossoms when it is in full bloom. This tree can be found in several areas of the United States.

A flowering tree known as the Cleveland select produces succulent fruit and flowers as well. In full bloom, the flowers are typically white. In the autumn months, however, the flowers will turn a deep reddish-purple shade. These trees are generally tolerant of extreme heat and dry conditions.

Plums are produced by flowering trees.
Plums are produced by flowering trees.

The forest pansy is a favorite among gardeners for landscaping their lawns. These types of flowering trees are also seen in residential communities and gardens. The flowers, which bloom in spring, are a vibrant purple or violet color. Forest pansies thrive well in warmer climates.

In parts of the eastern United States, the sassafras flowering tree is abundant. This tree can be found as a small bush or a towering variety of tree. In all varieties, however, a distinctive and aromatic array of green-yellow flowers will typically bloom in May.

Crab apple flowering trees can be found in southern parts of the United States, primarily Alabama. Most of the buds will be a light color, generally yellowish-white. These trees are vulnerable to disease, therefore should not be planted in residential areas or as ornamental accents for private homes.

Other types of flowering trees include sweet-smelling honeysuckle and whitebud. Both of these trees produce white buds that bloom in spring and summer months. Whitebud trees are very small and resemble a larger shrub, while the honeysuckle belongs to the evergreen family of shrubs.

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Yellow is one of my favorite colors, so when choosing flowering trees I look for ones that will give me a lot of yellow flowers. I like the way the yellow flowers look when the sun is shining on them.

If you have a penchant for yellow, consider either the golden trumpet or the golden rain tree. The golden trumpet is suited for warm climates and the golden rain tree does well in cooler climates. The golden trumpet tree gets its name from the flowers, which resemble trumpets.

These are two of my favorite yellow flowering trees, but there are many more that I like. If you appreciate yellow as much as I do, there is a good chance you can find a yellow flowering tree that will grow in the climate where you live.


Almost anyone can have pretty flowers during the spring and summer if they are wiling to put in a little time and effort. Well, this can be said about the winter, too. When the cold bleak days of winter begin to stretch out, there is nothing I enjoy more than seeing a beautiful flowering tree.

Winter blooms remind me of the warm months, and I figure if the trees can thrive in the elements during the cold, surely I can manage. One of my favorite winter flowering trees is the saucer magnolia. The flowers usually pop out in the late winter and they are white or pink.

There are other varieties of the saucer magnolias, but the ones with the white and pink flowers are most common. Some of the others are very difficult to find.

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    • Cherry trees produce cherry blossoms.
      By: smokinmaffin
      Cherry trees produce cherry blossoms.
    • Flowering trees include peach trees.
      By: leekris
      Flowering trees include peach trees.
    • Dozens of tree species produce flowers.
      By: sonha
      Dozens of tree species produce flowers.
    • Plums are produced by flowering trees.
      By: radomir54
      Plums are produced by flowering trees.