What are Cardboard CD Sleeves?

B. Miller

CDs need to be properly stored so they don't get scratched.
CDs need to be properly stored so they don't get scratched.

Cardboard CD sleeves are sturdy envelope-type covers used to hold compact discs (CDs), and also known as CD jackets. They are generally square and around five inches by five inches (12 cm by 12 cm). Cardboard CD sleeves are good for mailing CDs, because they hold up better and are less likely to allow the CD to crack during shipping.

Home videos on DVD can be mailed to faraway grandparents in cardboard CD sleeves.
Home videos on DVD can be mailed to faraway grandparents in cardboard CD sleeves.

Cardboard CD sleeves are often made of paperboard, a thinner and lighter type of cardboard than the thick, sturdy corrugated cardboard used for packing materials. Paperboard is also used for items such as cereal boxes, tissue boxes and shoe boxes. This makes cardboard CD sleeves thin and light, but still durable. Cardboard CD sleeves are also more environmentally friendly, since cardboard is easily recyclable.

Most cardboard CD sleeves can be ordered online, in bulk. They can also be purchased in large discount stores. They are available in many different colors in stores, and when ordered online, can often be personalized with a specific pattern, photo or text for a special occasion or a gift.

These CD cases are also available in different styles -- some feature a fold-over flap, like an envelope; others open like a book, leaving room for an insert for a list of songs, photos or any other information; and some fold in origami-type patterns for a more decorative look. This type is sometimes called a CloverCase™. In general, any chosen style will still fit a standard-size CD or DVD.

There are a few popular uses for cardboard CD sleeves. They are most often seen at weddings, where the bride and groom will present wedding guests with a DVD of the wedding or a special selection of songs to commemorate the day. The CD sleeves often feature a photo of the bride and groom, along with their names and the date of the wedding. These wedding favors are easy and inexpensive to make. If a family likes to commemorate special occasions with home videos, personalized DVDs can be mailed in cardboard CD sleeves and given as gifts to grandparents or faraway relatives.

In a business meeting or a meeting with a potential new client, an artist, musician or designer might wish to keep their portfolio on a CD. The cardboard CD sleeve could then be personalized like a business card and handed out for a more memorable meeting. Cardboard CD cases are becoming just another way to showcase your interests and personality.

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@dinoleash: Yes, you can make CD sleeves at home. As long as you have a graphics program, you can do it. Open up your graphics program and open a blank page. Draw 4 lines around the page to mark the area you will be using for your custom designs. The side lines should be approximately 1 ¾ inches from each side. The top line should be 1 5/8 inch from the top edge of the page. The bottom line should be 4 ¾ inches from the bottom. Those are your fold lines.

You can add whatever images or text that you wish to but make sure that it stays within the lines. Once you are satisfied with your creation, save it. You can then print it out. Fold the paper on your lines. Put some glue around the edges to hold it down.


Can you make CD sleeves at home?

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