What are Candle Molds?

B. Miller
B. Miller

Candle molds are used in candle making to create various sizes and shapes of candles. They are necessary to allow the hot wax to set and harden, preventing it from spilling onto other surfaces. Candle molds also allow the creation of fun shapes for personalized decorations or gifts.

Most candle molds are made from lightweight aluminum, silicone, plaster or plastic. Generally, the candle mold will detach and split in half to make it easier to remove the formed candle. If not, some suggest oiling the inside of the mold with vegetable oil to make the candle slide out easier. Some candle molds also feature small holes in the bottom to allow the continuous threading of the wick -- if not, you will need to slide a heated pick, needle or wire through the middle of the candle. The heat will soften the wax, melt the candle and create a hole into which you can insert the wick.

A candle.
A candle.

Candle molds come in virtually any shape you can imagine. There are standard molds, which will create various sizes of circular or square candles, or small trays that make a set of small tealight candles or votives. There are many specialty molds that can be ordered online or found in craft stores in holiday shapes, birthday shapes, shapes of animals, nature, and foods, among many others.

Some people choose to make their own candles by buying whole sale essential oils and candle-making supplies.
Some people choose to make their own candles by buying whole sale essential oils and candle-making supplies.

Other than candle molds, the tools you need for making candles include candle wax, which is available in various types such as gel, soy and paraffin wax; a wick; a double boiler to safely heat the wax; scented oils or colors if desired; and a heat source. All of these items can be found online, in craft stores, and even in some larger discount stores with a craft department. When filling up candle molds, do not do it over the sink -- if you inadvertently spill wax down the drain, it will clog the drain and be very difficult to remove.

When making candles, it is important to be safe. You should have a clean and clear workspace, and make yourself aware of any warnings on essential oils or fragrances. Melting candle wax does not boil, but it can certainly burn you. Candle wax begins to smoke when it gets too hot -- if this happens, turn off the heat source and cover the pot. Never pour water on hot candle wax, and keep a fire extinguisher nearby. Do not make candles with kids or pets nearby, and never leave hot wax unattended. Working slowly and using caution when making candles will prevent burns and accidents.

Using specialty candle molds to make candles is a fun and different way to pass the time. You can then decorate your home with your candles, or give them out as gifts. You might even save money in the end by making your own candles.

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@stoneMason-- Some soap molds could be used for candle making but I think there will be an issue with wick placement in that situation. And uniquely shaped molds may require separate candle holders.


@turquoise-- When you're ready to try different molds, I recommend silicone candle molds. They are the easiest molds to use in terms of candle removal. Since silicone is flexible, you can just bend it and pull out the candle without damaging the candle or the mold. I also feel that it's easier to put the wick through with silicone candle molds.

There are also molds out there that are labeled multi-purpose, such as for soap making and baking Sometimes, these multi-purpose molds can be used for making candles as well. You will find more options if you look at craft molds in general.


I'm a beginner in candle-making, so for now I'm using a basic, round, aluminum candle mold. It's working well for me. I had a hard time getting the candle out of the mold the first time. But I was told that either oiling the mold or putting it in the refrigerator while it cools makes it easy to remove. I oil the mold now and the candle comes out right away.

I'm making unscented soy wax candles for now but I plan on trying molds with different designs and colored and fragrant candles as I improve my skills.

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    • Candles.
      By: robynmac
    • A candle.
      By: nick barounis
      A candle.
    • Some people choose to make their own candles by buying whole sale essential oils and candle-making supplies.
      By: viperagp
      Some people choose to make their own candles by buying whole sale essential oils and candle-making supplies.