What are Bluestone Pavers?

Erika Peterson

Pavers are a type of hardscape product. Bluestone pavers are a visually appealing type of paver. These types of pavers have a unique color and texture. They are a product of nature, and the stone comes from different areas of the country.

Man mowing the grass
Man mowing the grass

Bluestone pavers are made from natural stones, and they are used for exterior landscape designs and applications in homes and commercial areas. Pavers were originally introduced in Europe in exterior areas and gardens. They were brought into the United States in the 1970s. Since then, pavers have been used for residential walkways and patios around the world.

As they are usually installed over compacted stone and sand, bluestone pavers are used in many outdoor areas. They are used for walkways, patios, deck areas, pool areas, edgings, gardens, driveways and other outdoor landscape designs. Pavers can be used in various designs that include plants and water features. Such pavers are a strong feature in custom landscape designs.

Bluestone pavers are made from a stone that is actually a type of sandstone, and the technical term for this particular type of paver is not bluestone, but feldspathic sandstone. The stone is blue and gray in color. Sandstone is made of a mixture of quartz particles and sand, and it is created naturally in nature. There are different areas of the United States where an abundance of sandstone can be found. Some of the most popular are on the Atlantic coast and in New York State.

Like other landscape and hardscape materials and supplies, bluestone pavers can be treated or untreated. Some pavers can be treated to have a non-slip surface. This type of surface comes in handy during wet and rainy weather conditions. Non-treated pavers, especially bluestone pavers, have an uneven surface.

When buying bluestone pavers, it is important to consider installation and the location where the pavers are going to be installed. There are certain tools, like a saw, that are needed for the installation process, and there are different types of pavers. Some are interlocking and some are not. But regardless of the type of paver, it is necessary to have the right size. Unless the right sized pavers are purchased, and there are no odd shapes, it is best to have a team install pavers. A professional team can ensure that the pavers are installed correctly, and the walkway or patio will have a long life.

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