How Many People on the FBI Most Wanted List Have Been Caught?

From March 1950 to June 2012, there were 494 people who appeared on the Ten Most Wanted Fugitives List of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Of those 494 people, 466 had been located and apprehended by the FBI. Tips and information from civilians are credited with catching 154 of those people.

More on the FBI Most Wanted List:

  • The FBI Most Wanted List doesn't list fugitives in any particular order.

  • The criteria used to determine whether someone should be on the FBI most wanted list include the likelihood of the person committing more crimes and whether FBI officials believe that publicity will help them locate the fugitive. People who have long criminal histories are more likely to end up on the list.

  • There have been eight women on the FBI Most Wanted List. The FBI added the first woman, Ruth Eisemann-Schier, in December 1968. She was apprehended 79 days later.

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