How Many Americans Use the Internet?

A Pew Research Center study about online usage found that about four out of five Americans use the Internet. Out of those who don’t go online, the most common reason reported tends to be the feeling that the Internet is not personally relevant to them. Other reasons for not going online include not having a computer, not having Internet access because of location or cost and the difficulty of learning how to use it. Older age, lower education levels and lower household income tend to correlate with the demographics of Americans who don't use the Internet.

More about who uses the Internet:

  • A 2013 International Telecommunications Union report found that about 40% of the worldwide population, or about 2.7 billion people, are online users.
  • Sweden has one of the highest percentages of Internet users, with about 90% of its adult population using the Internet.
  • China has the most Internet users, with more than 511 million people who use the Internet, although that is less than 40 percent of its population.
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The Internet is like having the whole world on my desk. I can find out about almost anything that interests me. Fun! And a lot easier than going to a library or news stand or book store.


I'm from Nicaragua, am 78 years old and I use the internet all the time. --Mario


Some of us don't have the internet at home because we sit at a computer all day. I am older, and the wear and tear on body parts from sitting at a computer all day will not allow for sitting at one all night.

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