How Do I Learn Greek?

Nicole Madison
Nicole Madison

There are many different ways to learn Greek. For example, you can take an online or traditional course or engage in independent study on your own to learn this language. As an alternative, you could seek a Greek language tutor, join a Greek language club, or participate in other groups through which you can learn via immersion in the language. You might even consider taking non-traditional steps toward learning this language. For example, you could befriend a person who speaks Greek as his native language and learn through conversations with him, or you could even spend a significant amount of time in Greece, learning from those who live there.

It's possible to find tutors and language classes in Greece, particularly in heavily touristed places like Santorini.
It's possible to find tutors and language classes in Greece, particularly in heavily touristed places like Santorini.

One of the most common ways to learn Greek is with the help of an instructor. For example, you could choose to enroll in an online class or sign up for in-classroom instruction. You could even attempt to find a Greek tutor to help you meet your goal.

Signing up for a language class is a good way to learn Greek.
Signing up for a language class is a good way to learn Greek.

If you learn well independently, you can purchase Greek language books and CDs to learn on your own. You can also find a wide range of learning resources online. It is important to keep in mind, however, that many people find it harder to learn on their own than with the help and feedback of an instructor. This is particularly true when it comes to getting the pronunciation of various words just right.

Traditional study is not the only way you can learn Greek. You might also consider joining a club or group in which Greek is spoken regularly. Such a group may consist of primarily fluent Greek speakers or of people who are in various stages of learning. In such a case, you would learn the language through immersion in it rather than through the use of traditional teaching techniques and books.

Another option is to learn Greek through a person who speaks it as his native language. For example, if you have a friend or business associate who speaks the language, you could ask him to teach you. Alternatively, you might simply ask him to speak Greek to or around you more often so that you can eventually learn the meaning of words through context. This may, however, prove more helpful as a supplement to learning rather than as the entire basis of your study.

Many people assert that learning a new language is easier if you live in the country in which it is spoken. As such, you could travel to Greece for an extended stay and focus on learning the language while you are there. Students, for example, can take advantage of study abroad programs; there even are work abroad programs for professionals in a variety of fields.

Nicole Madison
Nicole Madison

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We found how to learn Greek in a simple, real-world way. It was through a dvd system that has been rated #1 in the world for language software systems.

The Red Cross uses this same software to teach its volunteers quickly and thoroughly before placing them in other countries.

I like Rosetta Stone even though my kids did not. If I remember correctly, you can contact the company, ask for a sample dvd and try it out before spending the money for this set of learning tools.


Learn Greek fast. Live there and ask a lot of questions - this truly *is* the way to learn it the fastest.

But be sure you learn Greek from home by finding a tutor who will get you to speak every day with the right accent!

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