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How do I Knit Booties?

Britt Archer
Britt Archer

The birth of a child is something that many new mothers, or even fathers, choose to celebrate by learning to knit. One knitting project that is second in ease only to a blanket is baby booties, a project that will be cherished for years to come. There are a variety of project guides, both free and paid, that can guide new knitters on their quest for knit booties, but it can be daunting to choose the right knitting pattern. There are some basic, fundamental differences between how the knit booties are constructed, as well as the materials and supplies used to create them.

The most common way to knit booties is to knit them in several pieces, flat on straight needles, and use a tapestry or yarn needle to sew them together into the desired shape. This provides for the easiest construction, and allows someone who has just begun to learn knitting to create a quick gift for a child. The second most common construction method involves knitting the booties “in the round,” that is, without a seam and all in one piece, through the use of circular needles or a set of double pointed needles. The circular method of production provides several benefits that knitting the booties flat does not; it has no seams that may irritate a baby's sensitive skin, and because there is no seaming involved it is quicker and easier than other methods of construction.

Yarn for knitting.
Yarn for knitting.

While booties can be knit with a variety of yarn types, the types most often recommended are those that are simple, smooth and usually of a medium or light weight. Thick or bulky yarns are not often used in the construction of baby booties, but a worsted, or medium weight choice makes for a quick, thick knit and is commonly used in the making of knit booties. Lighter weight, or fingering weight, yarns may be used to create heirloom items that are more delicate or lacy. Fiber choice also plays an important part in selecting a yarn for knit booties. Most new parents prefer something that is machine washable, and with advances in technology, even wool yarns now come with the option of being machine washable.

Knitting needles can help in the creation of booties.
Knitting needles can help in the creation of booties.

Knitting booties can be a fun and rewarding experience, and for beginners who need further specialized instruction or help, a trip to a local specialty yarn store is recommended. Experienced knitters working at a local yarn store will be able to help with the selection of supplies and materials. In addition to providing basic instruction, they may also be able to help with any problems or questions that may come up while making knit booties.

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You can knit anything from a very simple pair of booties, to a pair that are very intricate and delicate. Learning how to knit baby booties was was of the most enjoyable things I have learned how to do.

Once I made several pair of basic booties, I expanded my horizons and began to add a lot of special touches such as bows and buttons. There is a wealth of information and instruction on the internet and I have found that watching videos is also very helpful for ideas.


Because knitting baby booties do not take much time, they make a great project for any person who is learning how to knit. One of my favorite baby shower gifts is to knit a blanket with a matching pair of booties. Anytime I have given this as a gift, there are many exclamations of how cute the booties are!

There is just something hard to resist about a warm, soft pair of little booties. I always have several pair on hand in case I need them for last minute gifts. I have also used them to top a wrapped package with. Instead of using a bow, I will use a pair of booties.

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    • Yarn for knitting.
      By: Ekaterina Kolmakova
      Yarn for knitting.
    • Knitting needles can help in the creation of booties.
      By: Coprid
      Knitting needles can help in the creation of booties.