How do I get the Best Biology a-Level Results?

P.M. Willers
P.M. Willers
Forming study groups may help a person achieve better grades.
Forming study groups may help a person achieve better grades.

The Biology A-level program further develops a student’s knowledge of the basic and advanced concepts of environmental and anatomical biology. Earning sufficient marks in prerequisite courses is the preliminary step in biology a-level preparation. It is suggested that A-level students pass courses in biology, mathematics, and English with marks of C or higher on the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE). Mathematics, in particular, will be important in the biology A-level studies and coursework. Average or low scores may indicate that you are not adequately prepared for the A-level.

This course covers many diverse topics ranging from the functions of living systems to theories of evolution and global warming. Additional topics include genetics, taxonomy, and the study of bacteria and viruses. Beyond the principles and theories of biology, A-level students will also be required to be knowledgeable in investigative skills and conducting biological research. A-level students should pay particular attention to the methods of investigative biological research and the general practices of laboratory research and reporting.

Beyond the a-level coursework, there are many study guides and tutorial programs available online. Many students erroneously believe that online study programs only benefit students enrolled in distance-learning programs. This is not the case, and it is highly beneficial for all biology a-level students to spend additional time using outside study materials.

Numerous test preparation courses are available online, as the biology a-level is one of the most popular courses for online or distance study. Online or preparatory courses may charge a fee for the use of their forums and online resources. Examinations for online courses normally take place at designated testing centers. Students should also contact their educational institution for information on tutors or study groups that may be available.

Throughout the A-level coursework, students can use online tools for extra preparation, including quizzes, examinations, and general review. Some websites may also offer individual help with assignment revision, although these websites will most likely charge a fee for their services. Before examinations, students should visit online websites for help with revision. Study websites can provide general study topics as well as sample papers and exams from previous years that can serve as a guide for exam preparation.

The biology A-level course includes six modules and will take two years to complete. Examinations serve as the assessment tool for most modules. Coursework will serve as a portion of the final grade. The exam for each module will last approximately 90 minutes.

Nearly all examinations and assessments are graded by an examination board. Upon completion of the examination, it is possible to resit a particularly difficult section. If you believe your results were graded unfairly, it is possible to request a formal review. The staff of your educational institution or your instructor can be contacted with questions regarding examination results.

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    • Forming study groups may help a person achieve better grades.
      Forming study groups may help a person achieve better grades.