How do I get Rid of Pigeons?

Tara Barnett

There are a variety of ways to get rid of pigeons, each with some upsides and downsides. People commonly resort to bird strips, traps, poisons, and other methods to remove the flying pests from areas where they are not wanted. Some methods, such as shooting the birds, may not be legal in certain areas, so it is important to investigate pest removal laws in the area where the birds have become a nuisance.

Poison could work on pigeons if they are tame enough to take food that's given to them.
Poison could work on pigeons if they are tame enough to take food that's given to them.

Bird strips are one of the least dangerous and easiest ways to get rid of pigeons. These spiky strips are often made of metal and can be placed on window sills or anywhere else a bird may frequent near a home or business. They prevent the pigeons from roosting, and can be made in such a way that they do not give onlookers the impression of staring at a prison. Once the pigeons have moved on, the bird strips can be removed, although many choose to leave them in place for convenience. These strips have the benefit of preventing bird droppings from littering the area, and they are desirable because they are non-lethal.

Shooting pigeons may help get rid of them, but it may not be legal in all locations.
Shooting pigeons may help get rid of them, but it may not be legal in all locations.

Traps are another non-lethal way to get rid of pigeons, but trapping the birds can be time consuming and difficult. There are specialized pigeon traps available, which can be used both to initially contain and relocate the birds. Many people do not wish to get this close to the pigeons, nor have the patience to trap small numbers of them at a time.

Poisons are a effective way to get rid of pigeons, particularly if the flock is tame enough to eat food that is given to them. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to control the animals that have access to poison on the ground, and so this can pose a danger to other animals present in the area. If using lethal poison, it may be best to hire a professional to safely and efficiently get rid of pigeons.

There are several other less common ways to get rid of pigeons. Shooting the birds with any type of gun can serve to thin out the population for a good shot, and scare away the population for a bad one. Bird netting hung around common roosting areas is a good way to convince the birds to move elsewhere, as they are unlikely to remain in an area that is inconvenient for them, but this method can be expensive. Auditory deterrents and visual deterrents are infamous for their ineffectiveness, although there is some anecdotal evidence that these products can be effective in certain situations. Most people find that one of the methods above turns out to be the most effective for dealing with pigeons.

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For the backyard: Get rid of nests as soon as they start. Get rid of or make it hard for them to make a nest by getting rid of high shrubs, etc. Run out into backyard and shoo them away. They learn from that they are not wanted.


If you want to know how to get rid of pigeons, it is necessary to take some harder steps. The worst things about these birds are the droppings and material collected by these for making nests. The droppings, if they accumulate, can harm people's health.

In order to get rid of pigeons, you can use standard traps. The trapped pigeons should be handed over to the bird sanctuaries or forest departments.

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