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How do I get MCTS Certification?

Vicki Watson
Vicki Watson

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) certification gives you credentials that prove your expertise with a given product made by the Microsoft® Corporation. You begin the path to MCTS certification with a basic exam, followed by one to three other exams, depending on the specific certification you desire. The company offers designations for 17 different certifications. After selecting which one to acquire, investigate and choose from the courses of training available, then begin preparing to pass each required test.

The MCTS certification exams assume a certain level of knowledge and experience with the products, without which gaining certification is unlikely. To gain hands-on familiarity with the software, you can download trial versions of the products from the download center on the company's website. You will gain significant benefit working with the actual program while utilizing test preparation guides, which outline the required skills for each exam. You might also consider enlisting the assistance of a person who has already obtained the certification you desire, because he or she can offer you advice on the testing process and answer questions that you might have during your studies.

MCTS certification exams must be finished and passed in order to obtain certification.
MCTS certification exams must be finished and passed in order to obtain certification.

You have several learning options to prepare for MCTS certification exams, resources for which are available at MCTS online. While considering your choices, think about your learning style. For instance, if you prefer proceeding at your own pace, you might opt for books and software programs that allow you to set your own schedule. Many public libraries have resources available free of charge that teach the required skills, and the Internet provides numerous free resources, such as blogs and chat rooms discussing the certification test in question. If you learn better in a classroom setting with an instructor available to answer questions, taking classes would provide more benefit, although this option is considerably more expensive.

If you are a student enrolled in a college or university, your school might offer instruction options for MCTS certification training. Depending on your major, there might be incentives, such as free learning resources, that exist for your use. Contact your academic advisor, or visit MCTS online to learn about possible options that may assist you.

There is a fee involved with taking these exams, so it makes sense to be sure that you are prepared beforehand. Practice MCTS certification exams are available from several vendors and allow you to assess your skills. These MCTS prep training tools get you accustomed to the format of the actual tests and give you confidence when you are ready to take an actual exam. Exams are administered at thousands of certified locations worldwide, and students can register at MCTS online. The pricing for exams can vary depending on the location of the exam center.

The time it takes to prepare for MCTS certification varies from individual to individual. The amount of time invested in the training process and your experience level play a role in determining how long it will take. Considering these factors, the completion of your personal MCTS certification goals could take weeks or months.

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    • MCTS certification exams must be finished and passed in order to obtain certification.
      MCTS certification exams must be finished and passed in order to obtain certification.