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How do I Choose the Best Wood Coffee Table?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

When it comes to choosing the best wood coffee table, the choice comes down to a few basic considerations: type of wood, size, features, and aesthetics. You will want to choose a table that is made from solid wood rather than from particleboard or cheaper types of composite materials that chip, rot, and otherwise get damaged easily; a real wood coffee table will be sturdier and better looking. Real wood will cost more than particleboard, but the investment will ensure a table that will last a long time and become better looking with age.

There is no shortage of wood coffee table designs to consider when purchasing one. The best choices are the ones that fit the aesthetic of the room in which the wood coffee table will be placed, and they should not draw one's attention due to being too loud or incongruent with the look of the room. Choose a color and design that fits the room, and choose one with features you will likely use: some tables, for example, come with storage beneath the surface of the table. Drawers or shelves are often built into the structure of the wood coffee table, and some have cabinet doors that can hide the contents, giving the table a sleek, clean look.

A cherry coffee table will be sturdy but also relatively expensive.
A cherry coffee table will be sturdy but also relatively expensive.

Be sure to choose a wood coffee table that fits the room in which it will be placed. A table that is too small will become a nuisance and will not look right in a room with long, large couches. A coffee table that is too large will take over the room and make it feel cramped. In smaller rooms, remember that simpler is better, and a large, elaborate table may look out of place and make the room uncomfortable.

Choosing the type of wood for your coffee table is an important consideration because it will dictate the look of the table. Remember that the look of a table will change with use and aging, so choose a wood that ages well. Some good wood choices include cherry and oak, which stain well, are strong and sturdy, and will last a long time. Pine is also a good choice that is less expensive than both cherry and oak, and while it stains well too, it will not be quite as beautiful as the other woods. Pine boards are often prone to warping after time, as well, though if the wood is treated properly before construction, this should not be too much of a problem.

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I like cherry wood coffee tables because the color looks great with almost any type of living room furniture. The dark, cherry finish also helps conceal dirt, stains, and smudges.


Regardless of the type of wood coffee table you choose, you can keep it looking great with proper care. Clean your table frequently, and use wood furniture polish to keep it moisturized. This type of care will help prevent your table from damage like splinters and cracks, and will keep your wood coffee table looking great for many years.

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    • A cherry coffee table will be sturdy but also relatively expensive.
      By: ArenaCreative
      A cherry coffee table will be sturdy but also relatively expensive.