How Do I Choose the Best Wholesale Hijab?

Laura M. Sands
Laura M. Sands
Hijabs are head coverings worn by Muslim women.
Hijabs are head coverings worn by Muslim women.

Choose the best wholesale hijab by comparing as many different vendors, prices and types of hijabs as possible. If you are buying hijabs for resale, be sure that the styles you are buying are the types that your target customers will like. Select the wholesale hijab styles that are offered at the best price, that offer quality design and fashion, and that you find to be most suitable to wear yourself or to sell to other women.

When buying a hijab, one of the first things that a woman considers is whether it is suitable for public wear. Specifically, women want hijabs that cover all of the hair and, unless worn with a special cap for added covering, women may want a hijab to cover the neck, too. As such, when choosing a wholesale hijab, you may want to be sure that the sizes and lengths of any styles you are considering will modestly cover the head.

Spending time diligently shopping for a good wholesale hijab distributor is an important first step in choosing the best. Manufacturers sometimes sell directly to the public and researching those that do may also be a good idea. While shopping, some of the key points you may want to pay attention to are the types of hijabs being sold, the prices of each one and whether or not the distributor has a good reputation in the wholesale industry. If purchasing large quantities, the price for each hijab may sometimes be lowered, but you may want to factor in the cost of shipping and handling, as well as inquire about the distributor’s return policies before deciding to make a purchase.

Many who purchase wholesale hijab designs do so in order to sell hijabs to other women. If you are purchasing wholesale in order to make a resale profit, you may want to plan your purchase around the tastes and styles of women who are wearing a hijab in the area where you will be doing business. While many prefer a basic hijab in black or dark colors, many prefer modern and luxury hijab styles, which are offered in an array of colors, fabrics, prints and patterns.

If purchasing a wholesale hijab for yourself, it will be important to find a vendor who is willing to sell directly to you as a public customer. Shopping with stores known to offer quality wholesale fashion designs and hijab accessories is also a good idea. You may find such outlets by researching local listings and by asking other women who have found cheap hijab prices.

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    • Hijabs are head coverings worn by Muslim women.
      By: Claus Mikosch
      Hijabs are head coverings worn by Muslim women.