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How Do I Choose the Best Velour Blazer?

Marty Paule
Marty Paule

The velour blazer will make a fine addition to the wardrobes of both men and women seeking a sophisticated yet casual look. Velour's velvety texture coordinates beautifully with jeans and narrow skirts and you'll find a wide palette of stylish shades from which to choose. As you shop for that new blazer, think about the clothing and accessories you plan to wear it with. Fabrics with velour finishes may be made of natural fibers, synthetics, or a blend of both, with natural fibers being preferred by most designers and consumers. Taking careful measurements and assessing its quality can help to ensure that you choose a velour blazer that will give you long-term satisfaction.

Velour fabrics can be woven from a variety of fibers including cotton, wool, and silk. They can also be made from various synthetics, such as polyester and acrylic. Most fashion experts prefer natural-fiber velours and velvets. You'll also find many variations in the depth of the fabric's pile, density, and texture. The highest-quality velours offer a very dense yet soft hair that feels luxurious and sensuous.

Velour blazers come in a variety of styles.
Velour blazers come in a variety of styles.

The man's velour blazer is usually cut along traditional nautical blazer lines, while women's models are usually more fitted and may have darts to accentuate the waist. Both men and women who have heavier figures should choose from two- to three-button styles. A single-button velour blazer will look best on trim waists.

Before shopping, it's a good idea to take your measurements rather than relying on guesswork or memory. In the U.S., men's jacket sizes are usually based on the chest, sleeve, and length dimensions. Torso lengths are usually abbreviated as Short (S), Regular (R), or Long (L). Well-stocked stores may also offer sizes to fit figures that fall outside these standard sizes. Women's ready-to-wear blazers may be sold in the letter sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL, or in numeric sizes. For both men and women, sleeves should end at the edge of the palm and the torso hem should fall just below the posterior.

Before you purchase or decide to keep your new velour blazer, look it over for sewing defects and overall workmanship. Seams should lie flat with neat stitching and no stray threads. The nap on velour is directional; be sure that all parts of the garment are oriented in the same direction to prevent apparent shading differences. Check the linings also — the fabric should be silky, of good quality, and neatly stitched in.

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    • Velour blazers come in a variety of styles.
      By: Africa Studio
      Velour blazers come in a variety of styles.