What Are the Best Ways to Wear a Blazer?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus
A blazer can look casual worn with jeans.
A blazer can look casual worn with jeans.

The best ways to wear a blazer involve accessorizing it for fancier occasions and dressing it down for more casual ones. For example, an elegant metal belt can instantly make a blazer look dressier, while leaving the jacket open over a T-shirt and blue jeans creates an understated, casual tone. A basic, yet well-made blazer in a flattering color can be easily worn with jeans, dresses, trousers, long or short skirts and even cropped pants.

A fitted pink blazer with skinny blue jeans.
A fitted pink blazer with skinny blue jeans.

For a practical, yet stylishly casual look for spring weather, a fun way to wear a blazer is with cropped pants, a T-shirt and running shoes. A hat and tote bag can complete this practical, "on the go" look. When a work or other situation calls for a suit, a blazer and knee-length skirt in a matching color can create one. Having a handbag and shoes in shades of this color can keep the overall look conservative. Stylish jewelery and a contrasting blouse color add the needed design interest to keep things fresh.

A basic black blazer.
A basic black blazer.

Belting a blazer over a long-sleeved top or sweater worn with a long skirt or dress trousers can usually transform separates into a cohesive outfit ideal for work or a business meeting. This is one of the best ways to wear a blazer because any color, solid or pattern can be used as long as everything coordinates tastefully. Within the versatile choices of separates to wear with a blazer, dressy and casual looks can often be created.

A blazer can  be jazzed up with a gold belt.
A blazer can be jazzed up with a gold belt.

For example, a velvet blazer with a gold and crystal belt worn over a silk top and wool skirt with high heels is an elegant outfit. To wear a blazer with a wool skirt to create a sporty look, the same jacket could be coordinated with a turtleneck sweater, leather belt, tights and boots. A long, floral-printed skirt with a softly belted velvet blazer and dangling earrings creates a romantic ensemble. Other accessories that can be ideal for changing the overall look of a blazer outfit are scarves and necklaces. Accessories can also add bright dashes of color or pattern to neutral blazers.

A long blazer worn with cropped jeans and sneakers.
A long blazer worn with cropped jeans and sneakers.

Pairing a dress with a blazer is an easy way to add practical, tasteful outerwear. Wearing a blazer with a dress also gives it a new look and is ideal to wear in drafty offices or in colder weather. Having a good, dark pair of jeans to wear with a blazer allows for a dressier alternative to a jean jacket, hoodie or other casual outerwear look.

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I have a blue blazer and I want to wear it but I don't know how since I don't own any heels.


@animegal - If you are not sure of what to wear with a blue blazer I would go with a white tank top and straight legged jeans if you are looking for a casual look, or a cream blouse and dark jeans with a bit of a flare for something more formal. It really depends on where you plan to show off your new boyfriend blazer.

What I like about navy blazers for women is that since they are a basic color, you can pretty much pair them with anything. I used to worry about what to wear with a simple black blazer, but I think just experimenting with accessories and textures can really make or break your look. Just let your tastes shine through and you'll be fine.


Can anyone tell me what to wear with a boyfriend blazer?

I have seen celebrities wearing blazers that are a bit large, and while they usually pair them with skinny jeans, I am just not sure if that look is for me or not. I feel like the skinny jeans don't do much to hide my less than perfect areas.

Also, as far as color goes, what is there to wear with a navy blazer? The one boyfriend blazer I am looking at is a dark navy and has a light pinstripe that I like. I usually just stick with things that would traditionally match, but I would like to mix it up for a modern funky look.


When I retired a few years ago, I donated most of my blazers. These went to an organization that provides low income women dress clothes for job interviews.

I held on to a few blazers, and will probably never get rid of my denim blazers. I don't think there is any right or wrong way on how to wear a blazer.

It depends on whether you are going for a dressy or casual look. That is what makes blazers so versatile.

Now that I don't have to dress up everyday, I don't need very many of my dress blazers. What I like about a denim blazer is that you can dress casually, but the blazer still adds a nice, polished look.

With a nice pair of jeans, a comfortable shirt and a denim blazer, you are ready for a day of shopping or just about anything.


I like to wear black a lot. Not only is it slimming, but I think is very classy looking and goes with just about anything.

I have more than one women's black blazer. They are different styles and made of different material. Because I am fairly short, I like blazers that are shorter. These don't make me look as short as I do when I wear a longer blazer.

I also like to wear blazers year round, so have them in different fabric. In the winter, I will often wear a black wool blazer. When I wear this with a nice sweater or blouse and scarf, this looks nice for any dressy occasion.

In the summer, I still like to wear blazers, but have them in a light weight material. Because the air in our office is always so cold, it is nice to have something with long sleeves.


@lighth0se33 – If you don't already own some, you should invest in a pair of skinny jeans. These look great with boyfriend blazers.

Also, you will need a snug t-shirt or sleeveless shirt to wear under the blazer. If the sleeves appear awkward, you can always roll them up to make three-quarter sleeves. This will give the blazer a more feminine look.

Leave it unbuttoned and leave the undershirt untucked. You can wear either flats, sandals, or boots with this look. If you wear tall boots, the skinny jeans can easily be tucked inside of them for a stylish look.


My friend got me a boyfriend blazer last Christmas, but I haven't put it on yet. I have been puzzling over what to wear with a boyfriend blazer, because it is oversized and loose fitting on purpose, so mostly anything I wear with it will make me disappear beneath the baggy look.

The blazer is sort of a pinkish-gray color. It's very cute, but I just don't know what to do with it. I know my friend probably has questioned herself about her choice of gift for me, because she hasn't seen me in it at all.


I love velvet blazers. The two most common colors are black and burgundy, so I had to look all over to find a brown one. I wanted to wear it during the fall, and my wardrobe consisted mostly of orange, purple, and mustard yellow shades.

I have a couple of sweaters with loose, draped necks. I let them hang over the lapels of the blazer, and they tuck it in neatly. This really makes the two pieces look like they were meant to be worn together.

I have a couple of pairs of brown trousers that I wear with my blazer. I also have one pair of brown jeans, which I wear with the blazer for more casual situations.


@simrin – My office is like yours in the summer – far too chilly. Several people in the office like it this way, but I am incredibly cold-natured, so I always keep a blazer at my desk.

The trick was finding one that would match almost any outfit. In the summertime, I wear mostly bright or pastel colors, so black would not really go to well.

I decided on a creamy, off-white blazer. The only thing that would not go well with that color is pure white, but I don't ever wear that shade.

I usually have to wear the blazer all morning, but after I do my walking at lunch, I get warm enough to keep it off for a couple of hours. Often, I put it back on about an hour before time to leave, because the chill has returned.


A blazer with a black tube skirt and thick belt is great for work! I love my blazers because you can use the same one with different pants, skirts, shirts, sweaters and belts and no one will know it's the same one! I can't buy new work outfits all the time, so I do this to make changes in my work outfit from day to day without spending a fortune and I still manage to look very professional.

I love black, so I have several different black blazers that I combine with different pants and skirts. I usually wear black belts and heels anyway, so it's easy to match everything. A friend of mine actually asked me how to wear a black blazer and I told her to combine it with any dressy outfit she has in black or white and it will look perfect.

The other reason I like to wear blazers is because it keeps me warm in the office. My office is too hot in winter and too cold in the summer, so I usually wear my blazer indoors as a coat as well. If it get's hot, then I can easily take my blazer off and I have a perfectly nice blouse underneath.


I love wearing a blazer with a shirt inside and jeans and boots for a semi-casual look. I think it's a great way to make a statement without going all out. I also love to wear a long necklace with this look because some jewelry makes a blazer look more feminine.

I think I'm going to add a few more blazers to my closet this season because I just love the colors and styles. I saw some really nice ones at the mall last week. One was a zip-up blazer in electric blue and the other was a pink blazer with one button. I could wear them to work or for going out in the evening.

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    • A blazer can look casual worn with jeans.
      By: charlesknoxphoto
      A blazer can look casual worn with jeans.
    • A fitted pink blazer with skinny blue jeans.
      By: Maegan Tintari
      A fitted pink blazer with skinny blue jeans.
    • A basic black blazer.
      By: Africa Studio
      A basic black blazer.
    • A blazer can  be jazzed up with a gold belt.
      A blazer can be jazzed up with a gold belt.
    • A long blazer worn with cropped jeans and sneakers.
      By: Maria Morri
      A long blazer worn with cropped jeans and sneakers.
    • A blazer can pair nicely with a dress.
      By: Bing
      A blazer can pair nicely with a dress.
    • Turtlenecks are often worn under blazers.
      By: Gordana Sermek
      Turtlenecks are often worn under blazers.
    • Properly coordinated with other clothes, a blazer can look professional and stylish.
      By: lightwavemedia
      Properly coordinated with other clothes, a blazer can look professional and stylish.