How Do I Choose the Best Casual Blazer?

M. Walker
M. Walker
Casual blazers can be paired with various outfits.
Casual blazers can be paired with various outfits.

Choosing the best casual blazer will often depend on an individual’s personal style, occasion, budget, and season. Blazers and tailored jackets are becoming an increasingly popular trend, and they add structure to an outfit as well as an additional layer. A casual blazer can often be paired with various outfits, such as dresses and skirts for women, business casual pants, or shorts. Considering the outfit as a whole, the type of fabric, and the print can all be helpful in the decision making process.

Shopping during sale times is a good way to find deals.
Shopping during sale times is a good way to find deals.

Blazers and jackets for men and women come in a wide variety of styles and fits. Both single-breasted and double-breasted blazers are widely available, as are blazers with different buttons, prints, and fabrics. There are also cropped blazers and ones with short sleeves. Depending on the season, many different colors and types of fabric are used to craft different jackets, including the more traditional, starchy neutral-toned blazers and more eclectic embellished ones in bright colors. Such a wide selection offers shoppers the chance to choose a casual blazer that matches their personal style.

Casual blazers can be paired with dresses, skirts and business-casual pants.
Casual blazers can be paired with dresses, skirts and business-casual pants.

When finding the right casual blazer, it’s important to balance trendy looks with versatility. If you intend to wear the blazer frequently, choosing blazers that are too eclectic or in more unique colors will make it difficult to create multiple looks. Versatility often favors jackets that come in neutral tones, fabrics with even textures, and simple prints because they will match with many other colors and clothing.

You will also need to consider the current season as well as future seasons you intend to wear the casual blazer in. For a year-round staple item, medium-weight fabrics will add a warming layer in the cooler months without growing uncomfortable in the warmer months. Sticking to a neutral color palate will also be a benefit, and colors like navy, brown, and black will carry you through all seasons.

Choosing blazers will also heavily depend on budget. If you’re intending to splurge on a designer blazer, it’s probably more important to consider versatility and price per wear, or the price divided by the number of times you intend to wear the item. Low cost can sometimes provide the opportunity to experiment with a new trend without sacrificing a budget. Shopping during sale times or asking about current discounts and promotions can be a large benefit, especially during transitional months when blazers are likely to be featured.

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@Saraq90 - I must say I have not tried that, but my husband does not have great blazers either and there is such a difference in our size that the blazer would just look like I was trying to play dress-up.

However, I did try to wear one of my husband’s casual work shirts as a dress and snapped a belt on it and rolled the sleeves to make it a bit more fitting, but not too much as I felt the statement was made by it actually being a men’s shirt that did not fit perfectly.

I enjoyed the outfit for the night because it was trying something different, but I have not attempted the look again.


@geekish - I feel the same way about women's casual blazers as well. If you buy one that is in a classic color such as navy or black and it fits well then you have a versatile casual blazer, that no matter the particular style you can get away with it for quite a while.

In addition to a classic casual blazer, I love to have one blazer that is trendy. I loved boyfriend blazers when those were in style. I felt it could be worn it with so many items, making a chic statement worn with work wear items and then simply a statement when worn with casual clothes.

But most of all I felt if it was worn with crisper fit clothes it looked best of all because that balanced the larger less crisp fit of the boyfriend blazer.

Did anyone ever simply try to wear their boyfriend's blazer and get away with it?


When it comes to men's casual blazers, I think if you pick a blazer that goes well with khakis you are going to get a blazer that is going to last a long time. I think this because how long have khakis been in style?

Sure there may be different cuts of khakis that are in style; however, the material itself as work wear has been established for as long as I can remember.

Many people think of a navy casual blazer as the go to for khakis but there are many others you can choose from.

But in the end, when it comes to buying a casual blazer for men, I think fit is the second most important factor second to its ability to coordinate with khakis. If a blazer fits well it will stay in style longer in my opinion secondary to it simply looking that good on you.


I don’t wear a lot of navy, so when I went shopping for work clothes, I got a denim blue blazer instead. It is the color of stonewashed jeans, but it has a smooth texture, and like jeans, it can be worn with just about any color.

On casual Fridays, I sometimes wear this blazer with jeans that nearly match its color. The waist has several pleats, and these make the blazer flare out a little. I like this little bit of style in an otherwise standard garment.

Since it is light colored, this blazer goes great with pastel dresses that I wear in spring and summer. In the winter, I pair it with thin sweaters or sweater dresses.


@shell4life - I love blazers that are gathered in the back! It really adds shape to something that would otherwise hang straight and hide your figure.

My sister owned a silvery-green corduroy blazer in the 80s, and she gave it to me when she moved out. It fits well because of the gathering, and it is long enough that it extends past the hem of most of the shirts I wear it with.

I only wear smooth blouses underneath it, because rough ones might clash with the corduroy texture. Also, the unique color of the blazer made it hard to find tops that would go with it, but I have a silver one and a white one that look good under it.


I spent some time searching for the right black casual blazer for me. I had a lot of Christmas parties coming up, and I wanted something with style and texture.

I found a black velvet blazer. The tops of the sleeves were gathered at the seam, and the waist was gathered in the back. It had big velvet buttons, and it extended just past my waistline.

This blazer looks great with red or silver sweaters, and I wear a lot of them around Christmas. It also looks good over my dark colored dresses, which I usually wear with my black suede boots.


My boss has many blazers. She is wealthy and can afford to buy unique ones that will only match one outfit. I have to say I would probably do the same if given the opportunity.

Her most outstanding blazer has a tropical theme. The background is white, but it is so full of other elements that you barely notice it. Palm trees, brightly colored parrots, hibiscus blossoms, the ocean, and straw huts cover the blazer.

I would definitely classify this as a casual blazer. She probably wouldn’t want to wear it to business meetings, because it would be too distracting.


It seems like I always have some casual blazers hanging in my closet. It doesn't seem to matter what time of year it is, I usually like wearing long sleeves when I am in an air conditioned building.

I have a black leather blazer that I find myself wearing more than any of the others I have. I love the look and feel of leather and feel more dressed up just by putting it on.

My favorite way to wear this leather blazer is with a crisp, white shirt underneath and a nice pair of blue jeans.


I have a couple casual blazers in my closet that I wear quite often. Wearing a blazer with any casual outfit can give it a much dressier look.

I have a casual black blazer that I can wear with almost anything. This blazer looks good with a pair of jeans or a nice pair of slacks.

I like wearing a blazer that is a single color because it can go with so many different outfits. Not only do I like the dressy look, but there are many times when the warmth of a long sleeved blazer is nice too.

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    • Casual blazers can be paired with various outfits.
      By: Africa Studio
      Casual blazers can be paired with various outfits.
    • Shopping during sale times is a good way to find deals.
      By: Alexandr
      Shopping during sale times is a good way to find deals.
    • Casual blazers can be paired with dresses, skirts and business-casual pants.
      By: lightwavemedia
      Casual blazers can be paired with dresses, skirts and business-casual pants.