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How Do I Choose the Best Toy Backhoe?

K. K. Lowen
K. K. Lowen

You may want to think about a number of factors before purchasing a toy backhoe. It is very important to determine what type of toy backhoe you want because many types may be available. Some toys are small, while others are large enough to ride. Other types are are mainly for decorative purposes, and may be preferable for a collector.

Toy backhoes may range in size from very small to large enough to ride in or on, and the size of the toy may play a part in determining the price. Mechanical components could increase the price as well. Thinking about how much you want to pay before you begin shopping will help you to automatically eliminate toy backhoes that are out of your price range.


If you want a collectible model, you may want to look for a miniature toy backhoe with no moving parts. The price of nonmoving models may depend on the amount of detail and the craftsmanship used to create it. Collectible models are sometimes available in toy stores, but they are not necessarily meant for play. It may be best to keep collectibles on shelves where children cannot play with them.

Many toy backhoes are small and meant for active play. They often have movable components, such as spinning tires and a digging arm that can be put into motion. Many of the toys move by manual force, but battery-operated models may be available as well. You will need to consider how durable the item is, the age of the child, and how often he or she will play with it.

Some toy backhoes are large enough for a child to ride, and could be basic or include special features. For younger children, the toys may be simple plastic items that have wheels and an arm with a digging scoop that may have some range of motion. A fancier operational toy backhoe may utilize battery power so that a child can drive it around at low speed. Some also may have buttons that produce backhoe sound effects and a functional digger scoop.

A toy backhoe may be constructed from metal, plastic, wood, or some combination. Toys made from metal will likely last longer and will withstand heavy or rough use, but the possibility of rusting can be a disadvantage, especially if used outside. Plastic toys are usually less expensive but may not be as durable. A plastic or wood toy backhoe may be better for younger children to avoid potentially sharp metal edges.

You may want to buy a name brand toy backhoe designed to resemble a real backhoe. Many people have preferences about the brand of a backhoe, while others may like the color scheme used by particular brands. Some brands also may offer toys with characteristics unique to backhoes manufactured by certain companies.

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I never know whether to buy the metal toys or plastic ones for kids. I think the metal ones last longer. But I have a friend who says the new plastics are just as strong as metal, and she says the plastics are safer for the kids to play with because the plastics are lighter.


If you want to make a youngster happy then buy him a toy backhoe that looks as much as possible like the ones he sees adults using. Kids like to imitate adults and they can tell the difference between something like a John Deere toy backhoe and another toy that has a made up name, like "Dig Deep" or some other name along those lines.

Of course, you will probably have to open the wallet a little wider to buy one of the more popular brand name toys, so that might weigh into the final decision on what you buy.


I'm considering buying a backhoe toy for the son of one of my patients. The child absolutely loves playing with toy trucks and cars. I don't want to say that the little boy is rough on his toys, but he is enthusiastic in his play. My first thought was to buy him a Tonka since that brand name is associated with quality and long lasting toys.

My son had one of this company's bulldozers when he was little and it is still somewhere in the house. It has been put through the ringer and is none the worse for wear. However, it could use a touch up on the yellow paint job. Still, they are great toys.

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