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How do I Choose the Best Tie Organizer?

Mary Ellen Popolo
Mary Ellen Popolo

A tie organizer is used to store ties neatly in one place, keeping them accessible and wrinkle free. Most often they are hung in the closet alongside a gentleman's other clothing. There are many types of tie organizers available. Choosing the best one depends upon how many ties you have, how and where you would like to store them, and what type of organizer works best for you.

The first thing to consider is which type of tie organizer will best meet your needs. A hanging closet organizer can hold a lot of ties, but some take up room on the closet rod. If closet space is limited, a wall mounted, free standing, or tie storage box might work better.

Choosing the best tie rack will depend upon how many ties you have, among other factors.
Choosing the best tie rack will depend upon how many ties you have, among other factors.

Hanging closet tie organizers come in several different styles that hang directly on the closet rod. The simplest tie racks resemble a hanger with clips or arms that hold the ties on the rack. Revolving tie racks suspend the ties from the organizer, which revolves for ease in finding the desired tie. An electronic tie organizer holds all of your ties on the rack and has a battery operated motor that rotates the ties to help you find the right one. Some electronic models have a built-in light to make distinguishing tie colors easier.

Wall mounted tie racks are hung on the wall, inside or outside of the closet. They can be wooden, metal or plastic and have either pegs or arms for holding the ties. Some styles of wall mounted tie racks have a small shelf above the tie organizer for holding accessories, such as a wallet, keys or loose change.

Tie storage boxes or drawer organizers are yet another option for organizing ties. With this style of organizer, ties are rolled so that they fit into the divided compartments of the box which is then stored in a bureau drawer or on a shelf. Most boxes have a transparent lid, which makes it easy to see all of the ties. Having to roll the ties to fit them in the compartments, however, can be more time consuming than other storage methods.

Free standing tie organizers stand on a dresser or chest, and the ties hang from the top of the tie stand. This method provides easy access to ties if there is adequate space to display the stand. These organizers do not, however, hold as many ties as the other types of tie organizers.

The next thing to consider is how many ties you have that need to be hung. Choose a tie rack that will easily store all of your current ties and that has room for additional ties. Look for a tie rack that either has clips to secure the ties in place, or rubber or foam covering the arms to keep the ties from falling off of the rack. Ensure that the tie organizer will fit in your closet, either on the wall or the closet rod, depending on the style you are looking for.

Lastly, choose a tie organizer that fits within your budget. Tie organizers are not very expensive, but some styles cost more than others. Electronic organizers are generally pricier than simple tie racks that hang on the closet rod, and wall mounted, cedar racks cost more than plastic or metal wall mounted racks.

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    • Choosing the best tie rack will depend upon how many ties you have, among other factors.
      By: Minerva Studio
      Choosing the best tie rack will depend upon how many ties you have, among other factors.