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How Do I Choose the Best Sports Management Courses?

Nick Mann
Nick Mann

A career in sports management essentially involves applying business concepts to sports. Although having a degree in the field isn't actually required, taking some sports management courses is often a way to effectively open doors. In order to choose a program, there are four primary factors to consider. These include picking a program that is accredited, is in a location with strong sports connections, is taught by reputable professors and provides quality internship opportunities. Completing sports management courses that meet these requirements should improve a student's chance of landing a good job in this field.

Probably the most important part of choosing the best sports management courses is only going with a program that is highly accredited. Doing this should provide students with a top notch education, and make it much easier to transfer skills to a career later on. Choosing an unaccredited school is not advised and is likely to make it difficult to find a job. In the US, viewing the North American Society for Sport Management's list of Sports Management Programs is a quick way to determine which schools are accredited.

Sports equipment.
Sports equipment.

Another key element of selecting the best sports management courses is to be aware of the program's location. Ideally, it's best to stay in an area with strong sports connections. For example, the American northeast is one of the top places because of its proximity to Boston and New York, which are big "sports towns." In addition, the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN), a popular television cable sports channel, is located in Connecticut. Otherwise, most large cities with professional sports teams are usually good choices.

Having reputable professors is also a plus in sports management courses. Learning from knowledgeable teachers with deep insights will make for a well rounded education. They can also explain everything that goes on behind the scenes in sports management. That's why it's a smart idea to conduct some research on each potential program and the professors who will be teaching it. This can usually be done by checking out the program's website and also looking for student reviews.

Additionally, it's important to enroll in a program with a quality intern program. A large part of finding a job is having some hands on experience in sports management. Getting a head start while still in school is an effective way to get a feel for the position and learn from individuals already working in the field. This also makes it possible for students to develop valuable connections within the industry that can transfer once the courses have ended.

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    • Sports equipment.
      By: Michael Flippo
      Sports equipment.