How do I Choose the Best Six Pack Ab Exercises?

Dan Cavallari

The best six pack ab exercises will be varied, and they will not always be focused on the abs themselves. Some exercises will involve cardio workouts to help you lose weight and burn fat. Choose a variety of six pack ab exercises that will work all abdominal muscles, not just the most common ones, and be sure these exercises are part of a long term plan that includes a healthy diet and regular workout routine.

Six pack ab exercises should include a health diet.
Six pack ab exercises should include a health diet.

Static six pack ab exercises should be included in your workout routine. These exercises, unlike dynamic exercises like crunches, do not involve moving the body to engage the ab muscles, but instead force you to position the body in a still position. The body will be supported by the ab muscles, thereby strengthening and toning the muscles during the exercise. One of the more common static six pack ab exercises will have you on the ground, face down to start. You will then lift your upper body onto your forearms, which will be resting firmly on the ground. Keep the rest of the body straight, and keep your body's weight on your toes and forearms while simultaneously engaging the ab muscles. This position should be held for up to 30 seconds, then repeated several times.

Sit-ups and crunches can be done to obtain six pack abs.
Sit-ups and crunches can be done to obtain six pack abs.

Dynamic exercises involve movement. Crunches are perhaps the most common of six pack ab exercises, though many other dynamic exercises exist to work all the muscles of the abs. The most overlooked ab muscles are the obliques, which are on the sides of the torso. To work these muscles, you will need to include exercises in your workout that will engage these side muscles. One such exercise involves holding a dumbbell in one hand while standing up straight. You will then bend to the side of the body that is holding the weight while holding your opposite hand behind your head. The movement should be done slowly to maximize muscle engagement, and several repetitions should be performed.

Strangely enough, cardio workouts such as riding a bicycle or running can help you develop six pack abs. Part of the process of developing and toning the abs is to burn fat, and many people who want this look will have some fat to burn. Cardio exercises are the best way to burn fat relatively quickly, and these exercises should be included in your ab workout routine.

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