How do I Choose the Best Salon Software?

Harriette Halepis
Harriette Halepis
Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

Salon software can make operating a salon easier. Before you select any kind of salon software, take the time to shop around. While there are many different salon management programs available, some of them are far better than others. The first thing to look for is a program that will work for your particular needs.

Some types of salon software include many different extras that you may or may not need. Thus, making a list of your software requirements is important. Keep in mind that your business will grow over the next couple of years. Even though you may not have any use for a particular software feature right now, you may find that this feature will greatly benefit you in months or years to come. Software that will grow with your company is always a sound investment.

When shopping for salon software, take care to read all the fine print included in a software package. While some companies may want you to sign up for a lengthy contract, other companies may allow you to use software on a monthly basis. Committing to a long contract might not be the best idea, since this type of contract is often hard to break. In addition, you'll want to select a software company that is easy to reach at all times. Companies that are not open during weekend hours may pose a problem if you need weekend technical support. Contrastingly, companies that provide clients with support seven days a week will be able to answer any questions that you may have.

No matter what kind of product you are about to purchase, gaining a few personal referrals is always an excellent idea. When it comes to salon software, selecting a well-respected software company is crucial. Any reputable company should be able to give you a list of current salon clients. Take a few moments to call these salons, and ask about software satisfaction.

Finally, take the time to thoroughly consider numerous salon software companies. As with anything else, it pays to do your homework. Compare prices, contracts, features, and customer service availability. Plan meetings with company representatives, and ask to see how different software functions. Ultimately, you will want to choose the software that will meet all of your business needs without confining you to a long contract. The right salon software will make running your salon business a lot simpler, while the wrong software will only lead to confusion.

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These answers are painful. If you really want to make an informed decision, make sure you find a company that has been around for a while, and actually has a client base so you know they aren't going to go out of business like most of these companies posting will and also check who some of the industry associations recommend like the Professional Beauty Association and the Day Spa Association.


We use BookMyCity, and we're pretty happy with it. We've gotten some new clients through BMC as well.


I am also using Salonlite and been having issues with it going down and lack of features. I would be interested in looking at the system you are using: You're on time, but cannot seem to find it.


We were previously using free SalonLite but had so many problems we now use You're On Time. It is similar, but just works much better and has many more features.


I am also another user of Platinum. I took a while looking around and considered many other systems, but Platinum proved to be the easiest to use, the best value for money (no hidden costs/annual fees etc.) and the people we have contact with are always very friendly and helpful.

The system itself does all that I need it to and more. I have staff who were not that computer savvy and they very quickly picked up the system and now would not change it for that old pen and paper ever again!


We also use Platinum Software. It is really easy to use and has made such a difference in my business and also how much free time I now seem to have not being bogged down with loads of paperwork.

It has a full customer contact data base, I can easily book appointments, courses, allocate room numbers, roster staff and it has an automated loyalty point system. It allows me to easily do all retail sales including reporting on the commissions my staff are due for the sales they make, it has a full stock control and a click of a button gives me all the data I need for any length of time via the management reporting.

I can send reminder emails and SMS text messages, which has proven to cut down on 80 percent of no shows that we used to have. I can also market to target specific groups as well as a general 'to all' special offer that I may be running. I would not be without it now.


Useful article for sharing. Our company was using SimSalon. It is totally built with Open Source solution. No extra license fee charging needed. You pay once then use forever. Our company likes it.


We're using salon iris basic version. It's a very easy software to use and we paid about $600 for lifetime usage. The thing I didn't like about this software is that there's a time limit to update it.


I came across a company called Ennoview. I had 5 stations and was able to get everything I needed to organize my salon and staff. The customer service, training and easy use of the software was so easy. I hope you take the time to check them out. Awesome company and awesome service. --Debbie


Are we talking the same Salon Swift? It's by far one of the most modern systems out there. We've been using it for just under three years now and it just gets better and better and their support is really impressive.


Salon swift stinks. Really ugly user interface. Was this was built in the 90s?


Hey, this is a very interesting article. You should also try Leprechaun Salon Software. This is the best salon software. It is a nail salon software, hair salon software and tanning salon software.


Have just made the switch to a software called SiBoom after seeing the program live at a Florida trade show. Not only was it very easy to use, but the price was the best (only had to pay $250 to use yearly and it included everything I could think).

Also, since I am a start up, the credit card processing is integrated into the program and makes for very simple implementation. I would say its worth a look since I am happy and not looking to switch anytime soon!


Another Salon Swift user, here. We're really happy with the service we're getting. It's a great product and I'd recommend it. Both our salons use it and our staff finds it simpler to use than the older product we used to use. Hope that helps. --David M.


Just reading up on your salon software article and wanted to share our story.

We are a salon in sydney and using Insight. We've had this software for about eight months now and it's changed the way we do business. It's actually helped us increase client retention and attract more clients and sales.

We have been using the two-way SMS feature, which has helped us sell all our unwanted products to make room for new products and to fill up our appointment with great specials for mondays and tuesdays. We also got 12 months free support and updates on a payment plan so I would definitely have a look at this company. --Alice


Just thought I'd chime in. I've never written on one of these sites but there's a first time for everything!

We use Salon Swift also, have been for about a year. It's really impressive. We looked at the others also, but they can't touch it for the price.

Service and support have been great and when we've asked for new features or adjustments they've been really helpful. Highly recommended.

We looked at the others too but Salon Swift really is a complete package and I don't think the others compare in a price to performance rating.

I really like your website! Keep up the good work!


I don't know about all the other software across the world, but we have used only one and it's been three years, and we are happy with the service and product. One plus of this software is, even if you are not well versed in using computers, you can easily use the software in just one click.

I wondered about the software when the salesperson came to me and claimed e-Salon-Spa was India's best selling software and was compatible with all other salon software. At that time I didn't really understand, but after a period as a manager-owner of seven salons, I am satisfied with the software. It has done very well in our salon.

The only drawback of the software i can see is they don't have centralized access for all salons to view consolidated information.


We are thrilled with our computer system. It's called Platinum and after a long and thorough search, we installed.

It can do and has all the usual things: daybook, retail sales, client database, management reporting, payroll, sales commissions, staff security, to name just a few.

What I have find invaluable in this current climate is that I can email and SMS text my customers with special offers (also automatic reminders so they don't forget their booking!).

I have already reaped some rewards on sending text messages to customers on quiet days and offering a 20 percent discount if they can make it into the salon on that day -- it really works!

I even had one client ask when my next quiet day was likely to be!

It saves me hours of paperwork and I can just email reports to my accountant when necessary.

The support is free for life by email and they are always very helpful and care that we are OK.

I just wanted to pass on my 'feel good moment' to others.


Great article. We've been using Salon Swift for a few months now after considering Shortcuts and others like isalon. Although Salon Swift was considerably cheaper than the others, it really is a quality product. We should have done it ages ago. We're emailing and SMSing clients, the appointment book is simple to use and I find it hard to fault. Setup was not too hard but we had someone there to help anyway so no biggie.

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    • Man with hands on his hips
      Man with hands on his hips