How Do I Choose the Best Rolling Briefcase?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari
Businesswoman talking on a mobile phone
Businesswoman talking on a mobile phone

A rolling briefcase rolls because it is generally larger and heavier than other types of briefcases. If you plan on traveling with your briefcase or regularly carry a significant amount of items, a rolling briefcase can make your life much easier and more organized. Choosing the best one starts with determining how large of a briefcase you need, and deciding what kind of materials you want for your case. Think about the features as well, such as different pockets for various electronics such as a cell phone and laptop. Finally, consider the size in terms of overhead storage spaces on airplanes.

The telescoping handle on your rolling briefcase should be sturdy and stable when in use, and it should compact down quickly and easily. The wheels should be durable, and they can be made from either plastic or gel; gel wheels are quieter than plastic wheels, which can be helpful in office settings, though they do tend to wear out more quickly. Plastic wheels are more durable and long-lasting, but they will be louder. Regardless of the style you choose, the bottom of the rolling briefcase should feature plastic feet that will stabilize the unit when it is sitting up straight. These feet will prevent the case from falling over and potentially damaging or upsetting the contents.

Choose a rolling briefcase that is lightweight enough to be used as a handheld case as well. The case itself can be a soft case or a hardshell case, but regardless of materials, it should be compact enough to be carried by hand. Some briefcases even feature a shoulder strap for carrying the case when rolling it is not an option. This is an important feature that should not be overlooked; the strap can make your experience much more pleasant, especially in tight spots such as the aisle of an airplane or in an office setting where rolling the case may not be appropriate.

Choose a design that is functional and stylish, and remember that the rolling briefcase should look professional. Materials like leather are available, though they will be more expensive. Nylon bags are available as well, and these look stylish and professional without adding bulk or too much cost. The individual pockets of the rolling briefcase should secure tightly to prevent items from falling out, and all zippers should be heavy duty and high-quality to ensure proper security.

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    • Businesswoman talking on a mobile phone
      Businesswoman talking on a mobile phone