How Do I Choose the Best Rice Cheese?

Kristeen Moore

Rice cheese is a kind of dairy substitute that still offers some of the same nutrients as conventional cow-based types, but without animal fats. Before choosing a particular rice cheese, you first need to determine whether you want a vegan variety or not. Another consideration is the flavor, as many versions of this cheese substitute pack in different ingredients that can impact the dish that you are preparing. The most popular forms of rice cheese are slices, but the product is also available in blocks and shreds. Due to the nature of the food, this alternative form of cheese is most widely available in natural food stores, but you might also consider looking online for companies that give deals on bulk orders.

Uncooked rice.
Uncooked rice.

Cheese substitutes can come in a variety of different forms, including rice varieties. Rice cheese offers the same non-dairy features as soy versions, but it is often preferred by people who would like a more subtle taste. This kind of cheese also offers calcium like conventional varieties, but it does not contain animal fats, including cholesterol.

Rice cheese is available in as many flavors as dairy-based cheese.
Rice cheese is available in as many flavors as dairy-based cheese.

When comparing different kinds of rice cheese, you will likely find that only certain versions are labeled as vegan. Such packages do not contain casein, which is a type of milk protein that people with milk allergies or lactose intolerance cannot consume. Also, casein is not vegan-friendly. If you are concerned about the milk protein, look only for packages that do not list this ingredient in the product features.

Contrary to common belief, rice cheese comes in just as many flavors as do cow versions. The best one that you choose depends on what kind of dish you are preparing. American and cheddar flavors are good multi-purpose flavors, while mozzarella and parmesan are the most appropriate for Italian meals. You can also choose other varieties like Swiss and pepper jack if you want more intense flavors.

Slices of cheese are among the most convenient for snacking or to place on top of sandwiches and rolls. At the same time, rice cheese also comes in other forms, and your choice ultimately depends on for what you need the food. Blocks of cheese are appropriate for shedding or cutting large amounts for large dishes, while you can choose already-grated versions in order to cut down on meal preparation time.

Some major supermarket chains carry rice cheese, but it is most commonly available in natural food stores. Depending on the region in which you live, this lactose-free food can be more expensive than other types of cheese, so you should keep this in mind when comparing prices. If you plan on consuming the cheese often, then you might consider buying it in bulk directly from the manufacturer online in order to save money.

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I a vegetarian with allergies to milk, soy and tree nuts. I am looking for a substitute for tofu as it is a main ingredient in many Vegan and Vegetarian recipes.


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